Kara Mann Furniture

Luxury Kara Mann Furniture

Kara Mann pieces are strikingly different, yet they are functional and attainable. Kara has been dubbed 'of the moment' by Instyle and Vogue magazines and she has appeared in the pages of some of the most eminent design press. It's not suprising really as Kara Mann Furniture has bags of personality. With its air of relaxed glamour, carefully chosen fabrics and timeless simplicity, Kara Mann Furniture is both current and enduring yet always firmly rooted in tradition. She takes a classic and then adds her own ingenious take on it. The results are luxurious, stunning and often playful. The finish is always of the highest quality, the detailing is exceptional and often surprising and her pieces compliment a range of styles. She manages to combine male and female design elements seamlessly from striking and unusual solid wooden tables and chairs through to pretty classic sofas and armchairs that encompass cool feminine chic. Kara seeks out rich and lustrous fabrics, like deep green velvets and mixes them with a palate of earthy shades such as metallic, stone and graphic wood. She says of her work: 'I think of my work more as youthful and fresh. I'm constantly looking for something new and invigorating. I'm like Madonna - I always want to reinvent myself.'