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Is Century Furniture High-End?

At Décor House, we only carry luxury furniture. So trust us when we say that Century Furniture is high-end. This brand is one of the most successful privately-owned manufacturers of upper-end residential furniture in the world. They have been in operation since 1947 when they began to craft wood and upholstered furniture for the bedroom and dining room. Over time the brand's success has meant they could expand. They now produce furniture for almost every room in the home with occasional collections in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.


Century Furniture is sublime. And thanks to the quality of the materials used in the creative process, they are built to last. Any cosmetic fixes that are needed after a few decades will be worth the time and cost applied to fix it. For instance, pieces of Century Furniture that have upholstered frames are usually worth reupholstering when they are nearing the end of their lifespan, as although the labor cost can get high for complicated styles, the shapes are so fantastic that it's worth the investment.


Moreover, since Century Furniture has customizable collections that include both traditional and transitionally styled pieces, you are sure to find something for every scene you need to create. We are proud to support this brand by having them in our store. You will find items for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, and office in our store, as well as pieces for the outdoor dining room, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor living room in our inventory.

Who Makes The Best-Upholstered Furniture?

Nobody purchases a new home without checking out the local area, inspecting the foundation, plumbing, and electrical sockets. But people often drop huge amounts of money on a piece of upholstered furniture without understanding what goes into a well-made piece.  However, in the digital age, people are becoming aware of how important it is to buy furniture from a quality provider. But they often struggle to find the answer online since every brand wants to promote their own pieces. So we have been getting this question a lot.


When we are deciding which brands to showcase in our store, we review all of the upholstered furniture on the market to make sure that we got only the best for our loyal customers. After looking through hundreds of pieces by hundreds of brands, we came across the upholstered furniture of Century Furniture.


The quality of Century Furniture’s upholstered furniture is unparalleled. The quality of the frame, suspension, and cushioning are what separates a piece of Century Furniture from a piece that will start to wobble or look dingy after only a few years. For example, the chairs produced by Century Furniture are crafted with the finishes of high-quality indoor furniture. But each one is designed to withstand exposure to the outdoors all year round. With a piece of Century Furniture, you never need to worry about fading, mildew, or deterioration. Your piece will look fresh and feel fabulous for years.