Alfredo Paredes

Does Alfredo Paredes work with EJ Victor?

Alfredo Paredes is an iconic interior designer who has worked with Ralph Lauren for 33 years. In 2019, he left his position of Chief Creative Officer of Home and Retail to pursue a solo career. When Alfredo Paredes launched his own design studio, he decided to keep working with the best. This time, the iconic interior designer went for a partnership with EJ Victor.


Alfredo Paredes Furniture is the result of unique love for the art of interior design. There's a full collection to choose from, that includes exclusive furniture pieces. You'll find sofas, chairs, sectionals, and even a bar cabinet and a bed with the signature of the designer. In addition to this, we couldn't be happier to see this partnership with EJ Victor. The remarkable brand is known to be a great licensing partner for renowned names in the industry. From Ellen DeGeneres to Antonia, Browne & Moore, J.Banks, Shamsian, and Berber Kammlah. They proudly produce high-end furniture of exquisite quality. Based in North Carolina, EJ Victor is a synonym of superior furniture.


The partnership between Alfredo Paredes and EJ Victor is one that simply makes sense. Both have a passion for the art of furniture creation, which is reflected in their products. On one side, EJ Victor has been in the market since 1990, always with a pristine reputation. On the other hand, Alfredo Paredes has always been seen as a unique interior designer in the US. The result couldn't be less than a visible luxury that starts in its creation and extends to each detail. Complex, refined pieces that embellish any home while elevating it to a whole new level of style. Luxury is the true definition of Alfredo Paredes Furniture, which is why we proudly carry it at Décor House.

Who is Alfredo Paredes?

Alfredo Paredes is, to us, a genius of interior design. His work of a lifetime in Ralph Lauren has stepped up the game with the creation of iconic spaces, such as The Polo Bar. This means that when he launched Alfredo Paredes Furniture it didn't come as a surprise to us. After all, the clear evolution of the designer has always been supported by all those who admire his work. When he left Ralph Lauren to launch his own furniture brand, everyone who loves his work got excited. With that said, we couldn't be more pleased with how great his new designs look.


When you look at Alfredo Paredes Furniture, you can immediately recognize its excellence. Not only in the exquisite finishes, so composed they could be a piece of art, but also in the materials used. With a piece made by Alfredo Paredes Furniture in your home, you'll easily create a space of luxury. This is especially true because the designer's philosophy is: “If it’s good, you know it.” We know how good Alfredo Paredes Furniture is, which is why we proudly carry it at Décor House. We invite you to take a look at this brand and see for yourself the true definition of high-end furniture.