Kindel Furniture

Why Decor House Carries Kindel Furniture

Kindel Furniture thinks of furniture more as artwork rather than factory-produced products on an assembly line. Kindel does not mass produce their furniture, but rather, they custom-make each piece to order. Their staff of artisans loves to design and create every product by hand with intense attention to detail. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that you can consider a fine work of art for your home. The uniqueness of Kindel Furniture shines through in the construction. With a blend of traditional techniques and modern shapes, these products bring the height of luxury to your home with amazing precision.


The thing that makes Kindel Furniture stand apart from the rest is their assortment of incredible finishes. The company uses a complex process that requires over thirty steps to ensure that every detail is perfect. Techniques like hand rubbing create a bold depth of different finishes and a luxurious tactile feel. Choose from products featured in our showroom or select from over 60 finishes and colors offered by the brand. They also provide custom finishes for those with discerning tastes. The quality of this furniture shines thanks to the use of durable materials like top-grade lumber and exotic veneers. Hardware crafted from fine brass exhibits just how much this brand cares about their quality of designs and craftsmanship. The company is also dedicated to sustainable business practices and harvests only renewable materials to ensure they make a positive impact on the environment.


Kindel Furniture History


Kindel Furniture is made in the USA in the brand's Grand Rapids, Michigan work studio. The people at Kindel Furniture, including the founder Charles J. Kindel, admit that their methods are not the cheapest or the fastest way to produce furniture for the modern home, but they believe their methods are the best, and so do we. At Décor House, we prioritize quality furniture. Our design team carefully curates our catalog to ensure that we only carry pieces made by brands that reflect our ethos of luxury. That’s why we carry a huge collection of Kindel Furniture.

Kindel furniture designs

Shop by room, furniture type, and price to refine our vast collection of Kindel Furniture and be met with the items that meet the needs of your home and the needs of your lifestyle in seconds. And since we carry such a massive collection of furniture by Kindel Furniture to account for our customer's diverse style needs, we know that you will find a piece that you love when you shop with us. Match the stain of one of the brand's chests to that of your existing sofas legs or expand on your home's color story by purchasing a piece in a complimentary color. Or buy an accent piece by Kindel Furniture in a rich, otherworldly hue to add some personality into a dull room. If you are starting from scratch furnishing your first home, browse our collection of Kindel Furniture’s statement chairs from this brand and build your room around its stunning, sensuous curves. We think you deserve the best, so shop the collection today and see every piece of Kindel Furniture we have in stock with a click of a button.