Browne & Moore Furniture

Why Buy Browne & Moore Furniture

Browne & Moore is a unique brand that offers a unique approach in the way it sees furniture. One of their mottos is: ''At the end of the day, the ultimate measure of a space is how it makes us feel'', and that says a lot about it. We know that Browne & Moore Furniture is a great brand for many reasons, but mostly because they see furniture as a lifestyle extension. When you purchase any piece made by Browne & Moore , you're buying luxury that is authentic, creative, and unmatched.


While they're deeply rooted in the handcraft traditions that only true artisans can deliver, they always have an eye on the future. Their designs are usually contemporary, bold, and even visionary. Sophisticated pieces of singular beauty that look like nothing else out there. That's our honest definition of furniture made by Browne & Moore. That's also why we know it can enhance your home's visual appeal in ways you didn't even imagine. Browne & Moore Furniture defines itself as a brand of a ''Modern Classic Aesthetic'' and we couldn't agree more. Their pieces are minimalistic at times, but mostly, just a true synonym of elegance and luxury. Their designs are a perfect blend between tradition and modernism.


All that results in timeless pieces of elegant aesthetics. You can now shop from Browne & Moore Furniture directly at Décor House Furniture. Our selection is specifically curated for you and is easily adaptable to any style you love.

Why Decor House Carries Browne & Moore

We have a true passion for brands that are unique and, in a sense, special. Producing furniture can be just a business, but it can also be seen as an artwork. This is exactly how Browne & Moore Furniture envisions their furniture. It's also why we carry it so proudly.


We trust this brand because they strive to be a different option amongst so many similar ones. They don't just create furniture - they create memorable designs that remind us of luxury. Additionally, and even though Browne & Moore keeps its mindset in tradition, this is also a brand that adapts to change and embraces it. With Décor House you can easily find a selection of best sellers from Browne & Moore Furniture. One where the eight-way hand-tied springs upholstery is visible in the quality of the end product.


We carry Browne & Moore because they offer many perks. Their manufacturing process is mostly in the US, they're environmentally friendly and they use recycled materials whenever possible. We can only retain trust from a brand that cares for being trustworthy. You can now have access to our exclusive selection of Browne & Moore Furniture. You'll see for yourself what genuine care for home décor is all about. It's visible in the details and in the overall picture. The best part is that it can be yours to take and enjoy.