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Why Decor House Carries Alivar Furniture

Today, Alivar Furniture is able to offer customers all over the world beautiful furnishings made in a distinctive style. Explore a new way to interpret your interior with stunning pieces from Alivar. The brand blends a splash of contemporary design with classic motifs and luxury, high-end materials to create furnishings for the distinguished home. Inspired by Italian architecture, you’ll love the brand’s unique take on classic furniture made with Italian quality.


From beds and lounge chairs to relaxing sofas, each piece of Alivar Furniture is made to impress. Look for comfortable chairs boasting sleek, angled lines that give a nod to eras gone by. Sturdy material like solid wood blends with supple leather to create a beautifully made product using elements of nature. Tailored stitching exudes an artistic touch and brings extra sturdiness to upholstered pieces. If you’re looking for something unique, Alivar creates a wide range of unusually designed products with a modern touch. Tall bookcases bring materials like brushed steel and oak together for the perfect juxtaposition of modern life and the natural world. Even though Italy is far away, you can enjoy its beauty with options from Alivar Furniture. Explore their range of incredible dining storage furniture and sleek tables for any room of the home. Mix and match items made by Alivar to give your home a sophisticated aura and quality products that will last for years to come.


If you prefer to shop by room, use the search and filter tool to refine our vast selection of Alivar Furniture to only see Alivar Furniture that is relevant to you. From here, you can refine our collection of Alivar Furniture further by choosing which room you are furnishing and what items you are searching for. If you are furnishing a small living room, then browse our collection of Alivar sofas with built-in table storage. With a sofa by Alivar, you can achieve a flawlessly minimalist aesthetic with ease. You can achieve the same level of comfort from an Alivar sofa as you can any Alivar bed since both are designed with ergonomics in mind. If you already have your living room fully furnished with Alivar Furniture, browse our collection of Alivar dining tables and dining chairs. Since this brand is committed to creating scenes within the home that can transpose the soul of the owner. Each piece they produce exudes the same sense of luxury, meaning that you can create a cohesive design story within your home by purchasing Alivar Furniture for multiple rooms (without worrying about whether one piece will work well with another). No other furniture manufacturer takes more care than the people at Alivar Furniture.


We carry furniture made by this brand because we value our customers, and we think you deserve access to the best furniture on the market at a fair price. Shop our collection of Alivar Furniture today and see every piece of Alivar Furniture in our inventory in one place.