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Why Decor House Carries Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture

The makers of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture were not just joiners, they were artists from the town of Cascina where the company is based. Contemporary design became the cornerstone of the business when Franco Ceccotti joined forces with architect Robert Lazzeroni to create a first collection. It received rave reviews and the company went on to create furniture that was inspired by artists such as Gaudi, Mollino and Scandinavian designers of the 1950s. Over the years, Franco Ceccotti has sought to design furniture with personality, artistic style and luxury craftsmanship. The company now collaborates with a hand picked selection of the most exciting designers in the industry and has a reputation for producing some of the most sought after furniture in the world. You'll find smooth curving lines in the Ceccotti Collezioni, alongside anthropomorphic shapes and an ingenius use of the highest quality materials. Each piece is made with love and that's apparent as soon as you see it. The detailing and level of craftsmanship is extraordinary, the overall effect, delightful. As a result, the Ceccotti Collezioni is recognized by architects and interior designers across the globe as a benchmark of excellence in design and craftsmanship. The pieces are known for their comfort and practicality too. Never dull, always surprising, the Ceccotti Collezioni is an iconic brand that brings style, luxury and artistry into your home.


And since the price point means that only those that genuinely value their home can purchase a piece of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture, you don’t have to worry about all of your friends and neighbors replicating the unique look of your home. We carry Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room. So whether you are looking for a sensually styled accent chair to inject some color into your minimalist living room, a long, indulgent dining table to line with tall leather-bound chairs, or a chest of drawers with enough space to stow away all of your child’s play things when company comes over, we know you’ll find a piece in our collection of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture that meets the needs of your home and your lifestyle. We even carry a selection of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture’s floor lamps to help you light up your home on those cozy nights you don’t want to do anything but relax.


If you are overwhelmed by the beauty of the pieces of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture in our collection, you are not alone. You can browse by furniture type, room, department, and price using the search and filter tool to make the size of our collection a little less intimidating. Then use the compare tool to help you choose which piece of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture will best meet your needs. We carry furniture made by Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture because our customers deserve the best. Shop the collection today and see every piece of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture we currently have in stock in one place.