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Ginger & Jagger Furniture Ginger & Jagger Furniture

Why Decor House Carries Ginger & Jagger Furniture

Ginger & Jagger Furniture gets its influences and inspiration from nature, and you can see it in every single item they create. The unique style of this brand shines through in everything they do, from unique decorative objects to incredible lighting and storage pieces. The brand began in Europe and continues to produce high-end contemporary products inspired by nature today. Material like exotic woods and marble blend with sleek metals like brass and copper to create a warm yet glamorous aesthetic. Sweeping curves and intricate sculptures give the pieces made by Ginger & Jagger Furniture a bold, dynamic aesthetic. Products made by this brand aren’t just inspired by nature; actual elements from nature are used to design them, like real tree bark cast in metal to give lighting and accents a natural texture and an authentic appearance.


What makes Ginger & Jagger Furniture so special is their ongoing desire to create innovative products that balance with the integrity of the materials they use. The brand also keeps focusing on the artisanal techniques used to create everything from table lamps to storage cabinets. This ultra-modern European furniture brand is also sustainable and supports creating acres of native trees and other species that absorb carbon dioxide. This bold brand dedicates itself to helping wildlife and to keep our oceans clean. If you love and appreciate nature and the natural world, you’ll treasure everything made by Ginger & Jagger.