Hickory Chair Furniture

Hickory Chair Furniture Hickory Chair Furniture

Why Hickory Chair Furniture?

Hickory Chair Furniture is one of the oldest furniture companies in the United States. It started with made-to-order dining chairs, or as they say: ''A unique product with a unique vision''. With the evolution of times, Hickory Chair Furniture never stopped being a reference. In fact, the brand evolved and started partnering with respected designers and craftsmen. The end result is custom-designed products, made by talented artisans, with remarkable quality.


Nowadays, customized furniture is a synonym of luxury. This explains why they stand out amongst other brands. With authentic, timeless designs, and products so sturdy they last for decades, we're sure this is a great choice to furnish your home. Today, they're no longer a one-furniture type of brand. With its evolution and remarkable quality, came the need to extend their offer. It's now possible to find different types of furniture with the signature of this brand. From beds to chairs, chests and dressers, and even nightstands. There are elegant furniture pieces for each home division and with different purposes.


At Décor House, we only work with brands we trust and so Hickory Chair Furniture had to be in our list of partners. For its versatility, for the quality of its upholstery, and even for how timeless each of its designs looks. Furnishing your home with this brand is making a unique statement. It's saying how much you value the good things in life such as comfort while privileging luxury at home.

Is Hickory Chair Furniture Expensive?

There's no right answer when it comes to defining a piece as expensive or affordable. There are different aspects to take into consideration such as your priorities and budget. One thing we're sure about is that this brand only produces high end, customizable furniture.


When building furniture, some brands only care about producing as much as possible. However, other brands, the ones that do it for the love of furniture, won't bother about time, only quality. The perfect example of this is Hickory Chair Furniture. There, every single piece is thought to the smallest detail. Everything is customizable. The experience of their craftsmen is unique. Their passion for what they do is what makes them so valuable. The end result might not be the most affordable, but it offers high value for money. After all, when it comes to investing in furniture, a few thoughts have to come to your mind: What are the most important pieces of furniture for me? What is my maximum budget? Do I want my furniture to last for a long time? It's also important to understand what you value the most about furniture. If you can't let go of comfort, and you want your home to look well-furnished, it's essential to choose at least one great furniture brand.


We believe Hickory Chair Furniture has everything you need and could possibly be looking for. Especially because there's no better feeling than when you found just the right furniture for your home.