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Is Baker Furniture A Good Brand?

When our customers ask us if Baker Furniture is a good brand, we always have the same answer. Yes.


The reputation of Baker Furniture within the industry is exceptional. The brand produces furniture for the modern home whose luxury exceeds that of other companies in a similar price range. The company’s popularity among industry professionals has led to the name recognition of the company amongst shoppers. This has led to an increase in sales of Baker Furniture, which has allowed them to expand their product range to accommodate the diverse style range of their customers. In doing this, Baker Furniture’s collection now has a chameleon-like style. They can be adjusted to adapt to different styles and trends with ease, so you won’t need to buy a new statement piece every few years to make your space look fashionable. And if a piece does fall out of style, you can be sure that it will come back in style in a few years since the brand bases its designs on traditional forms and structures.


If you are still unsure whether Baker Furniture is a good brand, listen to the professionals. Baker has partnered with a number of celebrated designers, including Bill SofieldThomas PheasantLaura Kirar, and Jacques Garcia, to create gorgeous collections. In 2008 and 2009, Baker launched extraordinary collections from design luminaries Tony Duquette and Andre Arbus. The brand was even asked to furnish the Green Rooms for the Academy Awards presentations in 2011 and 2013. So when you buy a piece of Baker Furniture, you can be sure you will be impressed by the piece you receive.


You may have heard of Baker Furniture from your parents or grandparents. The quality of Baker Furniture means that a piece from this brand can last a lifetime with the right care, so you may have grown up with Baker Furniture in your childhood home.

Where Is Baker Furniture Made?

Baker Furniture has been around for a long time. The brand got its start in a small plant just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and for most of the company’s history, they were located in that area.


Ever the innovator, the brand prioritizes its ability to give its customers exactly what they are looking for. They moved all of their operations to High Point in 2006 so that they could cut transport costs while also expanding their range of upholstered goods. In recent years, the brand has opened a new manufacturing facility in Mockville. Their goal is to create the industry's highest-quality production-made furniture.


Baker Furniture is one of the few remaining American-made Furniture companies. Shop the collection today to support a USA business. You can see every piece of Baker Furniture we currently have in stock in one place by visiting our website. Or use the search and filter tool to refine our selection to see only the pieces that meet your exact needs.