Interlude Home

Why Interlude Home?

Furniture design has always been closely associated with art, especially in the luxury segment. While not all pieces are bold or beautiful enough to be considered artistic, some are so unique you can easily say which brand created it.


This is where Interlude Home is exceptional. We love it for several reasons, but mostly because of how fashionable their furniture looks. Having a furniture piece made by this brand is a synonym of an exquisite elegance that automatically appeals to the eye.


The creators behind the brand are partners Carl Philips and Wendy King Philips who've always found inspiration in a multitude of experiences and backgrounds. From their travels to exotic places such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, to their unique expertise. While Carl makes great use of his global network to expand the brand, Wendy enhances the design of the pieces by using her vast experience in fashion. The end result is unique, timeless, pieces of furniture that never fall out of fashion and always look like the latest hit of the moment. A true luxury at home that enriches any space.

Where to Get Interlude Home in Miami?

At Décor House, we have a full collection of furniture from Interlude Home to amaze you. You can shop online or find us in Coral Gables, Florida, and easily furnish your home in full with us. There are options for each and every division to ensure a composed approach that conveys unique luxury at home.


The exotic style that characterizes this brand is a perfect addition to your home, as it represents the true definition of an iconic contemporaneous look. We believe it to be the perfect blend between modern and timeless elegance that is always up-to-date. When searching for Interlude Home furniture in our Miami store, you'll be amazed by the diversity in design and quality you'll find. There's something unique about each piece made by this brand and the luxurious finishes are one of a kind. From golden pieces mixed with softwood, glass, metal, or polished rock, to fine upholstery, specially designed for comfort. There are options for every style, from the most discrete to the most refined.


There's no doubt to us that if you're looking for high-end furniture, Interlude Home is the option to look for. Finding it is now easy with Décor House and represents a unique opportunity to furnish your home with one of the best furniture brands of the moment. Your full home will be a synonym of exquisite taste, so luxurious that all your guests will admire it as an art piece. We're sure it's a direct way to enhance your home in all aspects while making everyone feel welcome.


After all, there's no better feeling than the one when you find the perfect balance between luxury at home and unpretentious comfort. If you're looking for a contemporary style that comfortably mixes compositions while keeping its fine quality, go for Interlude Home. We can't wait to make you fall in love with it as much as we do, every day.