DH Rug Collection

DH Rug Collection Beige & Blue & Brown New Zealand Wool

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The DH collection, celebrated for its understated elegance, is greatly influenced by original antique Turkish Oushaks. Every Oushak reproduction is hand knotted by master weavers capturing the look and spirit of the original Oushaks. Artfully made from hand spun New Zealand wool, each rug allows a texture that is soft and luxurious. These rugs set a standard of excellence that will outlast the whims of fashion and without a doubt become tomorrow's antiques!


6 ft. X 9 ft.
Length: 9'
Width: 6'

8 ft. X 10 ft.
Length: 10'
Width: 8'

9 ft. X 12 ft.
Length: 12'
Width: 9'

10 ft. X 14 ft.
Length: 14'
Width: 10'

12 ft. X 15 ft.
Length: 15'
Width: 12'

14 ft. X 18 ft.
Length: 18'
Width: 14'