Deco Coffee Table

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Gloster Block Coffee Table made of natural finish, exposed end-grain teak. Recessed carrying handles on two sides. Visible cracks on exposed end grain of timber components are normal. The end grain is the part of the timber where the growth rings are exposed. Although we aim to keep the presence of end grain to a minimum to reduce the risk of splits and cracks, it is sometimes inherent in the design of our product. As the timber is exposed to changes in temperature and humidity, small cracks will open in the end grain. This will not affect the strength, performance or life expectancy of the product. In fully exposed positions, the cracks will appear quite quickly, and will be deeper. In covered locations, the cracks will be less visible. While designing and producing our furniture, we also take into consideration our costumer’s health as our priority. We always keep in mind that wooden furniture is both healthy and eco-friendly because of its renewable and long-lasting nature. By employing wood furniture, we are preventing the greenhouse effect, so, that is the reason behind why we have chosen wood as our main element in Gloster Block Coffee Table. The material used on Gloster Block Coffee Table, can be easily given its shine back with just some basic home hand tools for cleaning. Moreover, it comes in one particular design, but with the characteristic to fit easily with all your other furniture and fills your environment with elegance and revitalizes the appearance of your surroundings.


Material: Teak

Finish: Teak


Brand: Gloster Furniture

Category: Outdoor/Patio

Collection: Deco

Description: Block Coffee Table

SKU: 105965

Type: Coffee Tables, Tables


Width: 25" (63.5 cm)
Depth: 25" (63.5 cm)
Height: 14 1/2" (36.8 cm)
Weight: 92 lb (41.4 kg)