Mia Bedside Table

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We always come with the best quality and the best prices ever, and now we want to show our Mia Bedside Table by Interlude. The Mia Cocktail Table is created with a midcentury reference and has a wonderful mix of materials owing to a mixture of beach ceruse colored wood, natural cream sisal, and glass. Wood is a naturally occurring substance. Color and pattern differences are to be expected, and they add to the uniqueness and beauty of each item. While designing and manufacturing our furniture, we took your health in mind, keeping in mind that wooden furniture is both healthy and eco-friendly due to its renewable and long-lasting nature. We are reducing climate change by using solid wood furniture. When it comes to furniture, durability is the most important factor to consider, since wooden furniture has been proved to endure considerably longer than those constructed of other materials. Mia Bedside Table by Interlude’s components make it different and unique to distinguish it from others in the furniture industry. Mia Bedside Table by Interlude comes in a single hue, but has the ability to blend in with all of your other furniture, filling your space with elegance and revitalizing the appearance of your surroundings. The material used on the Mia Bedside Table by Interlude may be readily restored to its original luster with a few common household cleaning products.


Material: Oak, Sisal, Glass

Finish: Beach Ceruse, Natural Cream Sisal, Clear


Brand: Interlude

Description: Mia Bedside Table

SKU: 125920

Type: Tables, Nightstands


Width: 28" (71.1 cm)

Depth: 18" (45.7 cm)

Height: 24" (61 cm)