Noir Furniture

Convexed Mirror

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The Noir Furniture Convexed Mirror made in Industrial Steel. The material is strong and this is confirmable. Metals (industrial steel) have long been used in modern home furnishings, so this is not a new development. Even so, there are not many homes that have lamps, chairs, mirrors, or tables constructed of this type of material. The advantages of steel furniture are frequently disregarded, and alternative furniture options are still common, but this should not be the case. In general, steel home furnishings are a fantastic method to showcase the various benefits of steel. The Noir Furniture Convexed Mirror has a single design but has the ability to blend in with all of your furniture and other accessories, filling your space with elegance and revitalizing the appearance of your surroundings. The material used on The Noir Furniture Convexed Mirror, can be easily given its shine back with just some basic home hand tools for cleaning.

Finish: Antique Brass
Brand: Noir
Category: Bedroom
Collection: Noir Furniture
Description: Convexed Mirror
Type: Mirrors
Width: 30"
Length: 2.5"
Height: 46"