Advantages to Rattan Made Furniture

Advantages to Rattan Made Furniture

Decorative and durable, rattan made furniture is a fantastic alternative to classic wooden garden furniture.  Natural rattan is made using secondary growth fibers from tropical palm trees. This lightweight material is a perfect choice for sunrooms and to bring nature inside your home. eco (synthetic) rattan mimics the appearance of natural rattan but benefits from the various advantages associated with plastic furniture. In furniture made from eco rattan, the weave is made using resin then it is woven around a cast-aluminum frame. This makes eco rattan furniture more reliable, solid and stable than plastic and its natural counterpart.

We have listed some advantages to rattan made furniture so you can make an informed decision about what material your next piece of furniture should be made from.


Versatile and Durable


Outdoor rattan furniture can often last longer than furniture made from leather or wood. Rattan furniture is famed for its resistance to rain, snow, and frost, and the minimal amount of maintenance required to keep furniture in excellent condition. Another advantage to rattan made furniture is that it is lightweight. This means you can rearrange your furniture effortlessly. Whether you are clearing space for a garden party or want to make the most of the summer sun, you can change your outdoor floor plan with ease. This is extremely comforting if you have little ones roaming around the garden. If they come into contact with the furniture at any point, it will withstand any rough and tumble.



Given that rattan is a sustainable material; you can be confident that your purchase is beneficial for the environment. Since rattan is made from secondary growth fibers like vines, the manufacturers do not cut down whole trees to make this furniture. The vines are cut and given time to grow back before being cut again to produce more furniture. We must continue to support sustainability in the furniture industry. Entire forests have been emptied of their natural resources by furniture manufactures that supply chain stores. In buying rattan furniture, you are reducing the negative impact that the furniture industry has on the environment.  McGuire Furniture is a big producer of rattan made furniture so you should definitely consider them when furnishing your home with rattan furniture.




Another one of the advantages to rattan made furniture is that it is incredibly resilient. Unlike plastic furniture Rattan is resistant to UV discoloring, so your beautiful white chairs will never yellow in the sun. Rattan is more than capable of handling colder temperatures; it is water-resistant and only needs to be wiped down after a storm. But if you are planning on using your rattan furniture outside, you need to ask your retailer if it has been prepared for outdoor use. If it hasn’t, then all it needs is a bit of preparation. Coat your rattan furniture with a glaze of lacquer, and it can sit outside in the rain all day.

We hope the advantages to rattan made furniture we have listed helped you decide if rattan made furniture if right for you. Browse our selection today and find your next piece of rattan furniture! When it comes to luxury furniture stores, Decor House is always at the top.