Theodore Alexander Furniture

Theodore Alexander Furniture Theodore Alexander Furniture

Why Theodore Alexander Furniture?

Excellence that meets inspiration is, to us, the true definition of Theodore Alexander Furniture. This is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest furniture brands in the world and one that confidently passes the test of time.


Opting for it is furnishing your home with pronounced sophistication. From the smallest decorational pieces, such as the Nob Hill Stool, to the largest essential ones, such as the The Foundation US King Bed. Every single piece of furniture designed by this brand is a synonym of luxury. There's no doubt they take pride in producing upholstered furniture that can be customized to your taste, to ensure a unique result. In a combination of premium materials such as blacksmithed metals, fabrics and veneers, every piece is created with art in mind. Whether you like the traditional, casual or modern style, you'll surely find a piece to fall in love with. You might end up falling in love with all of them instead and decide to furnish your home fully with Theodore Alexander Furniture.


In such a case, Décor House has the solution for you, with our refined collection from this brand. We have a variety of options for each division to ensure a well-balanced, composed ambience, filled with symmetry and elegance. Take a look at our selection of Theodore Alexander Furniture and immerse into a world of home décor luxury.

How Good is Theodore Alexander Furniture?

When furnishing your home, you'll value certain aspects above others. As a result, the furniture you'll choose will be a reflection of your taste, needs and priorities. In order to understand how good Theodore Alexander Furniture is, it's important to know what makes it stand out amongst other brands.

Created by a legendary figure of the furniture design industry, Paul Maitland Smith, this brand has always been special.The visionary traveled to Asia over 20 years ago to find different hubs for design, manufacturing and production. Today, they're one of the biggest manufacturers in southeast Asia in the luxury segment. Genuine pieces of art in the shape of furniture that amaze for its design and production's quality. This is our opinion on this furniture brand and the reason why we're certain of its immense value. Questioning how good this brand is means wondering how reliable their pieces are. We can assure you they're top notch, so great they pass through generations while keeping its original appearance. Additionally, the refinement of the finishes turn any simple table, chair, and sofa into an exquisite, elegant piece.

We believe buying furniture from a brand you trust is an essential step to love the end result of your home. Especially because elegance combined with functionality and comfort is a rare gem in the furniture segment. At Décor House we want you to feel completely certain of the furniture choices you make, and so we believe Theodore Alexander Furniture is the brand to go for. Find out more about it through us and start decorating the house of your dreams today!