Brighten Up a Room That Uses Dark Furniture

Brighten Up a Room That Uses Dark Furniture

As an interior designer, it’s important to help your clients achieve their design goals. If you’re dealing with a room that contains dark furniture, it can be challenging to brighten things up in a stylish way. Read on to discover some helpful tips that will allow you to brighten up a room with dark furniture and make any space look lighter and more renewed.


Add Pops of Color


Even if the furniture in the room is dark, you can brighten things up with the addition of some vibrant colors. Add cheerful throw pillows in vivid hues like yellow and light blue to dark-colored sofas. A colorful area rug with a fun pattern will liven up a living space. Accents like artwork showcasing a myriad of contrasting colors is another easy way to lighten up a room. Choose items in a complementary color, but that is also featured in brighter tones to contrast against the darkness of the furniture.


Bring Mirrors In


One of the easiest ways to brighten up a room with dark furniture is to use mirrors. A tall freestanding mirror will make any room larger, and it does an excellent job of reflecting light back into the room. Hang a mirror over a fireplace mantel or put a floor-length mirror in a dark corner. To make the mirror even better, choose something featured in a bright frame. The frame of the mirror can be finished in a sleek metallic color, or it can be surrounded by crystals, shells, or a beveled mirrored edge.


Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

If the client’s space has lots of natural light, it’s much easier to brighten up a room with dark furniture. Consider replacing thick, room darkening curtains with something sheer to allow the sunlight to filter in. Place dark furniture closer to the windows so they’re exposed to more light during daytime hours. Allowing the sunlight to stream into the room will instantly make things appear lighter and brighter. For rooms without a lot of windows, consider updating the lighting to something brighter that produces a higher level of illumination.


Make it Minimal


Clutter can make any room feel darker and more closed in. To remedy the problem, consider redesigning the space in a more minimalist way. Clear out excess clutter and keep everything neatly stored in cabinets, tables, or storage ottomans. A set of matching baskets makes it easy to store throw blankets and pillows while adding a touch of style to a bedroom or living room. Remove excessive decorative items and pare things down to just a few of your client’s favorite pieces. The elimination of clutter will make the room feel more open, airy, and definitely brighter.

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