Create a Luxury Living Room

Create a Luxury Living Room

The living room is where the family comes together. It is the heart of the home, so your client should love every moment they get to spend in this space. However, we know that the importance of the living room within the home can make furnishing it daunting. And since every family's idea of how their living room should look is different, we think your fears are valid.


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Why Is Luxury Furniture So Important?
What Type of Living Room Furniture to Invest In
Four Most Important Pieces of Living Room Furniture
Top Brands for Living Room Furniture

Most families think furnishing the living room is a one-time expense as they think the furniture they buy will last forever. And sometimes it can, luxury furniture can last for decades with the right care, but it comes with a hefty price tag because of this. Still, it is more expensive in the long run to buy cheap furniture to replace low-quality pieces that can be broken beyond repair in only a couple of years. So you must plan out the look of your client’s space with them before you buy any furniture for the living room and convince them to invest in their home with luxury furniture. If you don’t, they may choose to purchase poor-quality furniture from a brand that doesn’t value its customers, and they will have to live with this poor choice for many years.

To create a luxury living room for your client.

At Décor House, our goal is to help our customers find furniture that will help them transform their client’s space. We have spent the last 38 years learning everything there is to know about the luxury furniture industry. We have partnered with brands to give our customers access to the best furniture on the market and developed a superior design team that provides customers with a vast array of design services for their homes. Our interiors have featured in Architectural Digest and other notable publications, so you know you can trust us to help you create a luxury living room.

Today, we are using our knowledge of the industry to help you on your interior design journey. So keep reading to discover which luxury brands produce the best living room furniture, what products we recommend to our customers the most, and what essential pieces of luxury furniture are worth splurging on.

But before we can do this, you need to know why it’s so important that you purchase luxury furniture for your client's home.


Why Is Luxury Furniture So Important?


There are many reasons why buying luxury furniture over a low-quality piece is important. But we know that your client may not listen to you if you don’t have evidence to back up your claims. So here are the five reasons we always recommend luxury furniture for use in any home.


1. It Enhances Curb Appeal


Buying luxury furniture allows your client to invest in their home without altering its structure by boosting its curb appeal. Luxury furniture is specially designed by some of the world’s best designers to become one. The home acts as both a functional item and a circulatory element within a space. This means that the piece will look like it belongs to the space as an installation rather than an extension of the home. A low-quality piece could never achieve this level of cohesion even if you were to design an entire space around one item. Truly, luxury furniture is the only way to create a luxury living room.


2. Customization Like Never Before


The furniture industry is always growing and changing to adhere to new trends. This means that new technologies are constantly being developed so brands can stay ahead of the curve. In addition, this industry boom has meant that most reliable brands are now equipped to customize their furniture to the exact measurements of your client's home. This means that you can have your client's dream sofa sized to fit the exact dimensions of their living room or have the stain of a dining table's legs matched exactly to an antique sideboard.

There are no drawbacks to customization; it makes sure that your client is getting a truly unique piece that works for their home and lifestyle. It will also make them feel involved in the design process, which will make them more likely to claim the space as their own once you leave their employment. This is good for you and them as it means you are more likely to get a positive review, and they are more likely to not need to redo their home in a couple of years.


3. Only Luxury Furniture Can Give the Luxury Look


An empty room is a blank canvas. You have complete creative control of what it becomes. But you cannot perfect the space if the furniture you select isn’t of luxury quality.

When you fill a space with luxury pieces and place them carefully in the room you are furnishing, it will fill the void of the modern home. Only luxury furniture has the power to do this.


4. Luxury Lasts Longer


Luxury furniture is built with legacy in mind. The materials used in the creative design process are handpicked to ensure both design and structural longevity. This means that almost any piece of luxury furniture you buy for your client’s space can last for years with minimal care needed to keep it looking its best.

Not only will this help you create a luxury living room, but it will also benefit your business as your client will see their furniture aging gracefully and place their trust in your ability to invest in their home. In addition, this means that they will be more likely to hire you to design other rooms in their home when they are looking to change things up.


5. It's Eco-Friendly


While your client likely wants furniture that is beautiful and well-made. They may also want their pieces to be eco-friendly without compromising the high-end experience. Only luxury products can offer this. Luxury brands are often adept at managing their carbon output and are conscious of the issues with sustainability within the industry.

Low-end brands do not have the capacity to care about the environmental impact of their furniture in the same way as luxury brands do, so they cannot alter their practices to align themselves with eco-friendly practices. Unfortunately, this means their furniture doesn’t last as long as quality pieces, often ending up in a landfill in only a couple of years. Therefore, you must tell your client how important it is for them to invest in furniture from a brand investing in the planet.


What Type of Living Room Furniture to Invest In


We know that furnishing a home can become very expensive even if you purchase low-quality furniture from low-end brands. So your client may be reluctant to purchase luxury pieces of furniture for their living room because of this. Whether you have a strict budget to adhere to or your client already has a partially furnished living room, it’s important to prioritize when it comes to the furniture you buy.


Four Most Important Pieces of Living Room Furniture


Here are the four most important pieces of living room furniture that you will need for any living room makeover, along with an explanation of why investing in each item is so important.


The Sofa

The sofa represents a sizeable investment for most homeowners- especially if it’s made of leather. But this is because it’s the most important piece of furniture in any home. So out of every piece of furniture in the home, you should have your client invest in a high-quality luxury sofa from a trusted designer.

Since the sofa is a ‘high traffic’ item, it's prone to wear and tear. This means that if you select a low-quality piece for your client’s home, then it may become irreconcilably damaged within only two years with consistent use. On the other hand, since high-quality luxury pieces are made by designers and brands that value their image, the furniture they create does not wear as quickly as this. While this may be a selfish motivation, it benefits the industry as it means that designers can focus on improving their craft rather than pumping out poor-quality pieces.


The Sectional

If you are trying to create a luxury living room in a larger space, we suggest that you forgo the standard sofa instead of purchasing a luxury sectional for this space. However, it is important that you purchase a luxury sectional for the same reason as it is important to buy a luxury sofa for a smaller room - it decides your comfort.

But due to the size of the sectional, it draws the eye in a way that another piece never could. So you need a piece with a look that is only afforded by a luxury product. It would be challenging, if not impossible, to create a stylish, attractive living room with a low-quality sectional as it would be unable to effectively establish the mood of the space.


The Coffee Table

While you may think that tables can be bought cheaply, it is important to purchase a quality piece. Only a luxury piece can add subtle character to the room. Luxury furniture always promises extraordinary designs that can be thought-provoking or just aesthetically pleasing. Luxury coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, from basic tables for minimalist spaces to more elaborate artistic pieces that are more fashionable than functional.

We carry coffee tables made of hardwood, marble, and glass because we know that your clients don’t buy new pieces of furniture for their home every day, and when they do, they need a piece that reflects their true personality. We understand the diverse needs of our customers and reflect this in our inventory. So if you are looking for luxury living room coffee tables from brands including Loft, Caracole, Century Furniture, and Milling Road, browse our inventory today. You won’t be disappointed.


The Side Table

The last piece of furniture you must buy luxury is the side table. Luckily luxury side tables aren’t hard to find. In fact, most of the brands that we carry that produce luxury coffee tables also manufacture high-quality matching side tables that can help you achieve a cohesive look in your client's space.

It is important to choose luxury when shopping for a side table for your client’s space. This is because tables often control the accessibility of a space in that they usually carry lamps to light the room, and they can be used to rest glasses of water and wine on in the evenings. If you choose a low-quality piece, it is less likely to have ample tabletop space for your clients to use. Moreover, since a huge draw of incorporating a side table into a space is its storage abilities, some well-made pieces have storage drawers. Again it is important to choose quality pieces in this case as most luxury side tables have soft close drawers, making hiding away snacks from the kids a piece of cake.


Top Brands for Living Room Furniture


Now that you know why it’s so important that you purchase luxury pieces for your client's home and which pieces you need to invest in, you need to know which brands produce the best luxury furniture on the market today. We have talked to our design team, and using their knowledge of the industry, we have compiled this brief list of the brands that create the best luxury living room furniture.


Alivar Furniture

This brand defines a uniquely luxurious era in fashion by bringing Tuscan beauty into the modern age. The designers of Alivar take care to select the most durable, sturdy material available for every product they develop. The artisans who build this furniture then blend these materials with grace only gotten by years of experience crafting furniture. The result is a beautifully made product. Alivar produces bars, cabinets, chairs, sofas, and tables for the living room.

We recommend any of the Alivar coffee tables in our collection for anyone trying to create a luxury living room. These tables have character. They can add an artistic touch to any room, so if your client is searching for something unique, you can be sure that they will love an Alivar table. And thanks to the brand's brilliant customization options, you will be able to work with your client to filter through several material options and sizes so that the table that arrives at their home can fit perfectly in the space no matter how different it is in terms of traditional style and layout.


Ralph Lauren Furniture

While this brand's name may conjure images of striped shirts, Ralph Lauren also produces some of the best furniture currently made in America. They use a medley of high-quality materials combined with classic designer forms to create furniture that will make your living room stand apart as a center for art in the home.

Ralph Lauren produces an abundance of items for every room in the home, but their living room furniture has proven to stand the test of time, and because of that, they have flooded the market with luxury living room furniture in recent years. As a result, you’ll find living room bars, benches, bookcases, cabinets, chairs, chaises, chests, ottomans, sofas, and tables in our inventory. As well as accent pieces like mirrors to help you brighten up your client’s space.

We always recommend the Ralph Lauren Modern Penthouse Metropolis Sofa to anyone struggling to find a sofa for their client’s space that is at once modern and traditional in its look. This transitory piece is an experience for the senses. The texture becomes the piece as it is made by combining fabrics and woods into its form to only the brand's talented designers. This luxury piece is more than a sofa. It becomes the fashion focal point of any room it’s in, meaning you can use it to command the look of a space.


Bernhardt Furniture

This brand is known worldwide for the quality of its furniture. It was only able to become one of the USA’s largest furniture companies due to the quality of its products. The designers at Bernhardt are committed to preserving the artistry of furniture design in every piece that they produce, meaning that you can find pieces for your client's home that are wholly unique when you browse their catalog.

While the brand does produce an abundance of furniture for the living room, including benches, cabinets, chairs, chests, ottomans, sectionals, sofas, and tables, our customers are always drawn to the brand's entertainment consoles. Bernhardt entertainment consoles are ideal for anyone looking for a statement piece as they bring together the brand's dedication to design longevity and flair for design independence. We encourage you to check out our selection of entertainment consoles if you need luxury furniture for the living room for your project. We don’t want to rely on typical items like a sofa or sectional to be the focal points of the space.


Vanguard Furniture

One of the items we recommend to our customers the most is from this luxury brand. Its designers work hard to keep them at the top of their game as industry professionals. Every piece that the brand produces is modern and on-trend while still slipping into traditional formal spaces with little effort needed for it to be incorporated into the scene. Truly the furniture of Vanguard is transformative. You’ll find sofas, benches, loveseats, cabinets, ottomans, chairs, sectionals, chaises, tables, chests, and dressers in our inventory by this brand from a variety of their collections.

Vanguards Delmar Side Table is one of our most popular items, but that doesn’t mean you have to worry about all of your client's friends and colleagues having it. Its luxury price means that only those who invest in their home can possess such a beautiful work of art. The table's sleek metal legs and hardware gives it a high-end, sophisticated touch without robbing it of its character. This table’s solid stone tabletop is a perfect example of this brand's ability to use some of the most unique components available in their furniture. Both understated and chic, we recommend this piece to anyone trying to create a living room for a client that prioritizes luxury in every aspect of living.


EJ Victor Furniture


This brand was founded in 1990, and in the last 20 years, it has taken the industry by storm by consistently producing some of the best luxury products on the market. Since the brand began collaborating with notable celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, their success has skyrocketed, making EJ Victor a household name. This success has meant that the brand has been able to expand and focus on creating luxury quality products for the pleasure of its customers. They currently produce living room cabinets, chairs, chaises, desks, mirrors, ottomans, sectionals, sofas, stools, and tables.

The sectionals produced by EJ Victor in recent years are among the most luxurious currently being sold today. Each base uses a unique mitered connection to ensure that it can last for years without breaking. Meaning that in investing your client's money into a piece by EJ Victor, you can be confident that you won’t receive a call within the same year complaining about damages to the product. Aesthetically the EJ Victor Korban Halston Sectional is unmatched. When combined with the brand's plush upholstery and ample cushioning, its unusual shape means that your client will never be uncomfortable on this piece. Its low back is ideal for lounging, and its deep seats help you add distinctive nuance to any space you are furnishing, no matter its size.

We hope this guide helps you fill your client’s home with luxurious pieces of furniture.

If you are trying to create a luxury living room, browse our luxury living room furniture selection today. You’ll find our entire collection of living room furniture on our website, along with detailed product descriptions about every piece we carry. Search by room, designer, and department to find individual products, or use the compare tool to assess two pieces to help you find the right piece for your client’s space.  Also, if you're in the Miami area, feel free to stop by our furniture store.