Create the Perfect Modern Luxury Living Room

Create the Perfect Modern Luxury Living Room

The idea of creating a space of luxury at home can seem unreachable if you don't have any interior design knowledge. How to combine different furniture, colors, textures, decorative pieces in such a way they'll enhance the space? Different doubts will arise, however, the idea of creating a perfect modern luxury living room by yourself is not that unachievable. To help you with this, we've gathered a list of top tips to decorate your living room in a perfect, modern way, without having to be an expert in home décor.


Imagine Your Perfect Modern Luxury Living Room


There's no better way to find out your own idea of luxury than by imagining the living room of your dreams. When you envision a space you love, it becomes easier to understand which style, colors, textures and patterns to go for.

Knowing the overall style of your living room is the first step to understanding what items should and shouldn't be part of it. This includes not only furniture and decoration, but also lighting, wall color, textures, and layout.

By having a clear vision of your perfect living room, you're setting your expectations and narrowing down your choices.


Envision Your Room Layout


Defining the preferred layout of your living room will help you decide on the right furniture and decoration. Since the layout impacts the available space, it's important you set your priorities for your living room at an early stage.

If your priority is to watch tv and use your living room for entertainment, make your tv your centerpiece and furnish the rest of the space around it.

If, on the other hand, your living room is your space to hang out with friends while enjoying long hours of conversation, make the sofa your stand out point.

Whichever layout you decide for, it's important you define it in the beginning since this will impact the amount and shape of furniture you can buy.

Remember to adapt the layout of your living room to the size of it, in order to avoid squishing up the space with unnecessary furniture. The most important thing is to always have free flow to walk around.

Choose the Right Furniture


If you need to purchase different furniture, choose two or three essential ones to be the reference of style in your living room. Large furniture pieces such as the sofa, side table, bookcase, are great examples of pieces that stand out for their size and purpose.

Furniture might be pricey, but it's also your best element to create a luxurious ambiance. When choosing furniture, nothing compares to the luxury you'll find in a high-end piece, composed of sturdy materials that last long. Since comfort is connected to luxury, the right way to create the perfect modern luxury living room is by choosing the right furniture.

This doesn't necessarily mean all your furniture has to be high-end, especially if you're on a budget. In such a case, the best option is to prioritize furniture that will be more subject to wear and tear due to daily use. Your sofa and armchairs are especially important because their purpose is to provide comfort and they're used on a daily basis. At this stage, it's important to understand the available floor space before and after you place certain furniture pieces. Your sofa should adapt to your living room's layout and scale, and make it seem cozy, but not packed.

With this said, by choosing the most important furniture pieces in your living room, you're defining its style and adding luxury to the space.


Use a Color Scheme That Suits the Space


Whether you like vivid colors or prefer a more discreet style, it's essential that you adapt your choices to the room's layout and space. Colors define aesthetics and contribute to the overall feeling when you enter your living room.

Darker colors convey timeless elegance, while lighter tones are synonymous with coziness and relaxation. When it comes to colors, it's a matter of personal style more than anything else, however, not all colors will suit certain spaces.

If you have a small living room, the best way to create an optical illusion of space enlargement is by opting for neutral, lighter colors. Great examples of that are light grey, white, beige and faded yellow. This will build the idea of a harmonious space that invites light and automatically seems larger.

If you go for a neutral-based color scheme, you'll want to add color in other elements, such as decorative pieces, textiles, and lighting. This will avoid the feeling of a washed out space that is lacking life. After all, luxury is related to adding layers and textures with different styles for a refined result.

When it comes to large living rooms you have more creative freedom, however, it's still important not to diminish the potential of the space. If you have plenty of natural light, it's interesting to add darker tones to contrast with it, so that you create a composed ambiance.


Large Rooms Provide Freedom


On the other hand, your living room is large but lacks natural light, you should opt for warm tones. These can either be neutral such as light grey, white, beige, cream, white, or strong colors such as red, yellow and orange.

There's also an effective way to create the perfect modern luxury living room that relates to being bold and to defy the odds. There's a growing trend that consists of painting the living room walls with dark tones such as anthracite, black, dark red and dark blue. This is a bold way to turn the space into a luxurious art gallery where all furniture pieces and decorative elements stand out by contrast.

Whichever options you decide for in terms of layout, furniture and colors, there are plenty of ways to turn your living room into a space of luxury. With Décor House, the way to create the perfect modern luxury living room becomes easier. After all, we have everything you'll need to build a space you'll be proud of.  Feel free to shop online or visit our luxury furniture store.