Design the Perfect Dining Room with Baker

Design the Perfect Dining Room with Baker

We know that the dining room is where your clients relax, enjoy a delicious evening meal, and spend hours entertaining their friends and family. So designing a dining room that is both functional and has the timeless beauty that your client is looking for can be a challenge.

If you're looking for new inventive ways to design the perfect dining room, let our collection of baker furniture inspire you. Their products have designer details and modern silhouettes that will elevate this important space and highlight the natural beauty of your client's space. We have selected some key pieces of dining room furniture from baker's most recent collection to help you design the perfect dining room.


Lay a Strong Foundation With The Agora Round Dining Table

Choosing the right table is the first in many steps when designing the perfect dining room for any client. Dining tables need to be functional, but they should also be a conversation-starting work of art. The Agora Round Table is a sturdy, stylish alternative to the classic rectangular dining table offered by many other brands. A round dining table allows for free movement within the dining room. It will draw all of the other furniture toward it, thereby anchoring itself and the surrounding chairs to the room. Inspired by the neoclassical architecture of Ancient Greece, the Baker Agora Round Dining Table will serve as the interior architecture for your client's space, allowing you to build the perfect dining room around it.

Made from the finest Carrara marble, your client's dining experience will be elevated by this table's flush inset lazy susan that rests above the tables doric-style column. The lazy susan allows dishes to be shared easily among diners and is perfect for large families and households that see a lot of guests. This particular product has two finishing options, a polished matte top coat or a polished gloss top coat, with either option able to create a visually unique space for your client. Robust and durable, the Agora Round Dining Table is the perfect addition to your client's dining space.


Elevate Any Dining Room With The Lucca Chair

Your clients shouldn't have to sacrifice their comfort for style. Seat guests and dine in luxury with a Baker Lucca Chair. Clean, casual, and comfortable, this bespoke piece embodies extravagance in the everyday.

The chair's jewel inspired textured cast bronze frame will play well with other finishes and colors present in a dining room, and its artful construction caters to lovers of high-design. With custom upholstery, this product can be modified to suit the needs of your client and their family. They can search for the exact fabric they want and select the right one for their home from over 950 fabric options in various materials and colors.

The upholstered seat features a triptych of cushioned floating bolsters that gives your client proper spinal support while adding a dynamic flair to this elegant piece. The circular shape of the bolsters mean that this chair and the Agora Round Table can be paired together to create a stunning dining room that is not only functional but also an inviting, comfortable space.


The Nacre Sideboard is Your Storage Solution

Sideboards are one of the most practical – yet often overlooked – pieces of furniture in any modern home. The dining room cabinet is the traditional dining room storage space, but this style of furniture can make the dining room look cluttered if the dishware on show is not matching. Moreover, a cabinet reduces the amount of wall space in the dining room that could be better used for art pieces and mirrors. Alter the dimensions of a room and create a sleek and minimalist aesthetic by using a sideboard in your clients home.

An innovative storage solution for your client's dining room, the Nacre Sideboard has a long bold sculptural profile thanks to its lacquered casing. This sideboard is traditionally used to store your client's finest dinnerware. Still, it is also perfect for adding extra storage space to the room for any children's toys and knickknacks without compromising on design. The Baker Nacre Sideboard has three mother of pearl door fronts in radiating petal patterns, creating a gorgeous texture that generates a lustrous iridescent glow for your client's dining room. Every Narce Sideboard is unique. Due to the gemstone's curved shape and natural origins, each product will vary in its look so your client will receive a distinctive piece, unlike anything else on the market. Bring spring into the home, with the Nacre Sideboard.


Enhance Your Client's Space With a Pearl Mirror

A truly beautiful dining room has more than just a dining table and some chairs. Push your client out of their comfort zone by suggesting refined accent furnishings that will add a layer of elegance to their already stunning space.

Complement the dining room table and chairs with a stunning mirror. The Baker Pearl Mirror is an elegant addition to any dining room. Beautiful alabaster cabochons circle a bronze frame that would blend seamlessly with the Lucca Chairs bronze detailing. This mirror evokes a sense of timeless beauty and grace. Including a mirror in a dining room of any size will create the illusion of depth, so make this mirror a centerpiece in your client's dining room by placing it on the wall above the dining table. The Pearl Mirror would then be able to reflect the rooms light fixture to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests.

We hope we have inspired you to design the perfect dining room for your clients with Baker Furniture.

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It couldn't be easier to achieve the dining room of your client's dreams.