Designer Profile: Bill Sofield

Designer Profile: Bill Sofield

Talent like that of Bill Sofield is rare. He is thought to be one of the most gifted designers of his generation, able to create pieces that become the interior architecture to any room they are in. His art pays homage to design trends of the past without feeling dated themselves. What shaped Bill Sofield’s designer style? Keep reading to discover how he became such an influential person in the world of design and what has influenced his work over the years.




In 1983, Bill Sofield graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. During his studies, he focused primarily on Art History and European Cultural Studies. The knowledge he amassed in this time would be something he would draw upon when he began to work as a designer. He became known for creating sophisticated pieces that respected the traditional art form of furniture design through their quality and ability to become one with the room as they age. He is praised for designing pieces that, in time, are sure to become treasured family heirlooms.

He founded his studio in 1996. His mission- to integrate multiple design disciplines into his practice and form prosperous creative relationships with clients, artists, and artisans. Thanks to the commitment he has to his craft and his employees' hard work, the studio found success quickly. His studio's portfolio includes residential, retail, hospitality, office, and landscape designs. This is truly a well-rounded expression of this designer’s creativity.

His designs have been brought to life through his partnerships with name brands. A notable collaboration of his was with the brand Baker. In 2001, he began his partnership with them and designed a collection that focused on creating bespoke pieces that reveal the room's character.




Bill Sofield believes that furniture should enhance its natural setting, whether that is next to a treasured antique, a family heirloom, or in an architecturally unique corner of your home. He takes inspiration from his client’s surroundings and creates pieces that respond to the needs of the room and the client’s individual personality. This holistic approach to design means that he is able to focus on the function of the piece as closely as its aesthetics.




Nuanced in shape and restrained in style, his designs are crafted to transform a livable space into one that flawlessly blends materials into a timeless, specially tailored expression of personality. His collection, created by his collaboration with Baker, features couture upholstery, glamorous cabinets, and bold side tables. You could furnish your entire home with pieces designed by Bill Sofield and find that although there is creative tension between pieces, everything comes together to create a space that is cohesive in its look.

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