Designer Profile: Bunny Williams

Designer Profile: Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams is one of the most talented designers working today. Her accomplishments in both the business and creative fields are enviable and inspiring for anyone looking to make it in the industry. Her eponymous firm Bunny Williams Interior Design allows her to mentor up and coming young designers and has helped to establish her as a pillar of the design industry. Keep reading to find out more about this fantastic designer.




Born in Virginia, Bunny Williams has always made the home a priority. Growing up, she attended country auctions and helped decorate the family home at her mother's request. Her parents encouraged her to follow her passion for the arts, which led her to study Interior Design at Garland Junior College in Boston.

In the year 1959, when Williams was just 15, she attended a private lunch at the Greenbrier. The resort had recently been redecorated by Dorothy Draper, who had installed a color palette into the space, unlike anything Williams had ever seen. After this experience, her determination to make an impact on the industry increased twofold, leading her to move to New York, where she began to work at Stair & Co. She then moved to Parish-Hadley Associates to work as a secretary, where she would stay for 22 years.

Bunny Williams enjoyed her time at the company immensely. It gave her the skills she needed to start her own business, and this is just what she did. Bunny Williams Inc was founded in 1988, with only three members of staff. Only a few years later, Williams opened Treillage with her husband. The couple found great success in this business venture; A-list designers, editors, and tastemakers visited the shop to see all things home and garden.

In 2010, she received the Best of Market award for showroom design at High Point Market, and the next year, she won the prestigious Design Innovator award from CT Cottages and Gardens. While most people would let their past successes carry them for the rest of their career, Bunny Williams continues to make waves in the furniture industry to this day. Whether it's her collaborations with brands to create new daring collections or working on her next book, Williams is always looking for her next project.



Her time at Parish-Hadley Associates influenced and inspired many of the designs she would come to create in her long career. She is known best for balancing refined details with livable structures to create pieces that belong to the home. The attention to detail in her designs is second to none, and her passion for her craft is evident to everyone she meets. Although traditionalism is layered into her pieces, she isn’t afraid to work with contemporary designs to create truly serene interiors.

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