Designer Profile: Darryl Carter

Designer Profile: Darryl Carter

It has been almost three decades since Darryl Carter left his career in law to pursue his love of interior design. In that time, he has been recognized internationally as one of the most innovative designers in the country. But although he took the scene by storm, he seemed to appear out of nowhere. So how did Darryl Carter get his start in the furniture industry?




It was a magazine that helped Darryl Carter rise to prominence as a designer. Metropolitan Home put his lavish dining room on its cover in the late 1990s and named him ‘The New Traditionalist’ due to his departure from the then-popular mid-century modern aesthetic. Some months later, photos of his dining room returned to print in Jan Cigliano’s book ‘Private Washington’, which pushed Darryl Carter further into the public eye. When this book reached the shelves, he was fielding phone calls from prospective clients within days. While most designers build their portfolios over years, all it took was this book and magazine to kick start his career. In the years since his debut, Darryl Carter's style has evolved, but he has stayed true to his original mission, creating structurally intricate and conversational rooms.



When you buy pieces that have been designed by Darryl Carter, you receive furniture that’s design has been influenced by some of the most prominent feats of structural design in the USA. Carter takes inspiration from his surroundings, and as a long time resident of Washington DC, he finds the views of our nation’s capital to be one of the things that affect his designs the most. For this reason, every piece of furniture he creates has the ability to become the internal architecture you need in your space. His understanding of composition, proportion, and scale means he can create complex architectural forms no matter the material he is working with.




Darryl Carter honors classical design elements in all of his pieces. However, the furniture he designs never feels dated since he is able to balance the modern with the antique. Simple pieces blend seamlessly with ornate statement pieces to create bespoke living, bedroom, and dining areas perfect for any homeowner.

Darryl Carter designs furniture for the modern home. His designs are brought to life thanks to his partnerships with name brands like Milling Road. Their collaboration brought some of his most innovative designs to life. His catalog features opulent accent chests for the living room, luxurious counter stools for the kitchen, lush plush daybeds for the bedroom, and sleek dining tables to act as a statement piece within your dining room. Thanks to Darryl Carter’s use of a neutral palette, any item in this collaboration can blend in seamlessly with your existing furniture. Truly, you could furnish every room in your home with furniture designed by Darryl Carter and create a cohesive design story within your space.

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