Designer Profile: Laura Kirar

Designer Profile: Laura Kirar

Laura Kirar has accomplished a lot in her career. She is a world-renowned interior and product designer on a mission to cultivate artistic talent across the globe. But how did Laura Kirar rise to the top of the industry? In this designer profile, we explore her past and what inspires her designs.




After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in sculpture and interior architecture, Kirar continued to explore her passion for textiles as she gained industry experience. She got her first job with Holly Hunt in Chicago. After some time in this position, she moved to New York to work as a furniture designer in the residential interiors field with Ralph Lauren Home. Having secured such a desirable position, Laura Kirar would take the next three years to create a strong network of industry professionals and hone her abilities as a designer.

In 1999, Kirar founded TRU Design. The company specializes in creating upscale interior architecture. TRU Design saw great success almost immediately. While most designers would focus on the success of their first venture, Laura Kirar is always focused on expansion. She founded Laura Kirar Design Licensing to design gorgeous bespoke soulful furniture. Under her direction, both companies use the talent of their staff and the network Laura Kirar has developed over the years to produce projects that express beauty in the everyday.

Kier has worked with various brands over the years to create iconic collections. The most notable of which being her collaboration with Baker furniture. Since 1999, Laura Kirar's designs have been profiled in many top print and web publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and House Beautiful.




Given that she has formal training in the art of sculpture, it is no wonder that Laura Kirar’s designs seem to possess a soul of their own. Every piece she designs is wholly unique, yet her influences are plain to see when you look at a selection of her furniture together in the same room.

When designing furniture, Kirar states that she views her designs as interactive pieces. She understands that her clients will physically interact with the pieces she creates, so she attempts to incorporate luxurious materials and details into her pieces to make this experience as pleasant as possible. However, when asked directly about what inspires her to design pieces with such attention to detail, she answers with anecdotes about her travels. Laura Kirar takes inspiration from the world around her. Her vacations, research trips, and an extended stay in Mexico have had a significant impact on her designs.

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