Designing a Living Room with Rattan Furniture

Designing a Living Room with Rattan Furniture

Designing the perfect living room for your client is the ultimate challenge for any designer. In choosing the décor and furniture for a home, you are bringing beauty to the space and joy to the hearts of your clients. However, in the digital age, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of furniture advertised to you as 'the best.' So we have selected some key pieces of furniture from our stunning collection of rattan living room furniture to help you design the perfect living room for your client that is both unique and eco friendly.

Rattan furniture is a decorative and durable alternative to classic hardwood pieces. Although rattan furniture is versatile enough to be used in any space, the living room is where it shines. Keep reading to discover how you can improve the design of any living room with unique, high-quality rattan furniture.


Elevate the Space with a Tiburon Sofa

Don't sacrifice comfort for style. The sofa is the focal point of the living room, a place where your client's family will spend most of their time at home. If you are looking for a piece for your client's living room built with their relaxation in mind, let this sofa inspire your design.

Perfect for a large open floor plan, this sofas clean silhouette is accomplished by its classic shape and the artful construction of its dressmakers flounce. With three Baker comfort seat cushions and three small Baker comfort boxed back pillows; the sofas deep supportive seats invite comfort into the home. With custom upholstery, this product can be modified to suit the interior of your client's living room. There are over nine hundred fifty fabric options in various materials and colors for your client to choose from to ensure their living room is a true representation of their personal style.


Seat Guests in Style with the Coburn Chair


Dynamic seating will elevate any space. The eye-catching curved back of this chair and its rattan frame with visible piping will add an element of visual interest to any living room. The plush cushions sport customizable fabrics. With various finishes available for the chairs wooden paneling, you can work with your client to curate the design of this chair to suit their aesthetic. This chair's rattan element makes it a durable and sustainable product that will last your client a lifetime. Invest in rattan furniture for your client's home.


The Dornick Side Table brings Midcentury Design to Life

With breathtaking natural forms, this table embodies elegance in contrast by pushing the limits of natural materials. The solid mahogany forms support the table's thin woven shelf, which is, in turn, supported by textured steel spire-like legs and brass foot caps. A marriage of textiles, this piece has designer details and a modern silhouette that will highlight the innate beauty of your client's space. Produced by McGuire, a titan in the furniture industry, you know your client will receive a quality piece thanks to McGuire's commitment to producing high-quality furniture and evolving classic furniture pieces to incorporate their design with a modern finish. The rattan used in this product is woven by highly skilled artisans who are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of design and handcraftsmanship, so you know that this piece will serve your clients for many years.


Function and Beauty Exist Within the Estrella Cocktail Table 

An occasional piece, fit for everyday use, the Estrella Cocktail Table is indispensable in the modern home. As you will know, a living room table should be a conversation-starting work of art while still maintaining its function as a support item. This piece of furniture is supported by two tri-star rattan framed bases wrapped in thin strips of rawhide for increased durability and creative expression. With over ten custom rawhide finishes available, this item can blend into any space seamlessly.

The clear glass tabletop allows your client to see the craftsmanship of these rattan bases every time they pass by the table. Moreover, its circular shape allows for free movement within the living room and encourages your client to make the most of their remaining space.


Simplicity in Design, Meet the Kincob Bookshelf 

A fusion of natural materials, this piece is both functional and fashionable. The bookshelf is one of the most underrated pieces of furniture in the modern home. The bookshelf alters a living room's dimensions, creating hidden storage opportunities within the living room while maintaining a sleek minimalist aesthetic.

Six wooden shelves are framed by McGuire's signature rattan and finished with beautiful brass feet, much like the Dornick Side Table. For increased stability, all of these shelves are bolted to the frame, apart from the fourth shelf, which is removable, so your client has a place that can accommodate large art pieces and electronics, which is essential if you are working with a smaller space.


Let the "O" Table Lamp Light the Way

Revel in the quiet beauty of the "O" Table Lamp by McGuire furniture. Lighting your client's living room requires strict attention to detail. A standing lamp paired with a large chandelier would be overwhelming for a room of any size. A buffet lamp commonly placed on end tables may not give off enough light on dark evenings to prevent eye strain. Expressive in its design, the soft light from the "O" Table Lamp will create an ambiance of relaxation in your client's living room.

Elegant and solid, this lamp employs delicate jewel-like forms thanks to its antique copper finish. Complete with an ivory linen shade to mask harsh light; this piece is a reflection of McGuire furniture's dedication to artistry and craftsmanship.

We hope this has inspired you to design your client's perfect living room using some McGuire Furniture pieces along with other manufacturers.

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