Furniture Collection Profile: Barbara Barry

Furniture Collection Profile: Barbara Barry

If you’re looking for gorgeous furnishings for the home, the Barbara Barry Furniture Collection is an excellent choice. This renowned designer has created some of the most influential furniture of the last few decades. From tables and seating options to lighting and accessories, each piece designed by Barbara boasts sophisticated aesthetics and high-quality materials and finishes. Read on to discover more about the Barbara Barry Furniture Collection as well as what has influenced her distinctive style.


Barbara Barry Style


Barbara Barry’s furniture is feminine and elegant with a modern twist. She first launched her design firm in the city of Los Angeles in 1985 and has since become one of the most influential furniture designers in the industry. With a focus on refined style and luxury, each piece Barbara creates is made to elevate your home. Her love of watercolor painting, sketching, and photography shows through in every piece she designs. Her style brings everyday functionality together with luxe motifs to provide consumers with quality furniture that doesn’t just look beautiful, but that also serves a purpose.


Barbara Barry’s Influences


Barbara says that nature is her biggest muse, and she gets much of her inspiration from the things she sees throughout her travels. While based in California, Barbara enjoys traveling to Canada and areas of the Rockies. You can see the influence of nature in the Barbara Barry Furniture Collection with an emphasis on materials like smooth wood accents completed in rich, warm finishes. Lighting and accessories boast angular detailing, mimicking natural rocks and stone. Sweeping curves on chair arms and tables designs echo the flow of a rolling river or a beautiful mountain landscape. It’s clear to see how nature influences almost every piece of furniture that Barbara designs.


Top Barbara Barry Pieces


There’s no shortage of beautiful options in the Barbara Barry Furniture Collection, but some key pieces truly stand apart from the crowd. The Swell Accent Table boasts a sensual, sculptural shape that adds a modern touch to any room with its sturdy cast resin base finishes in a warm dark bronze patina for a rich aesthetic. Perhaps one of Barbara’s most beloved pieces is her signature X-Back Chair. These chairs feature a beautiful wood frame and an oval-shaped inset upholstered back. An x-shape made of wood is found on the exterior of the oval back, bringing curved and straight shapes together for a modern take on a classic design.

The Framework sofa and loveseat from the Barbara Barry Furniture Collection features a sturdy wood frame and legs inset with fabric upholstery. The wood serves as a visual border around the soft upholstered back, arms, and seat. A combination of simplicity in design and elegance creates timeless furniture that will instantly elevate every room of your home. Visit our showroom or go online to explore our latest selection of furniture from the Barbara Barry collection today.

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