The Value of Baker Furniture

The Value of Baker Furniture

When it comes to producing high-quality, stylish items for the home, Baker Furniture is one of the most well-respected brands in the industry. There are many reasons to buy Baker Furniture, from the intense attention to detail to the use of quality materials, unique designs, and more. This trusted brand offers amazing furnishings for every room, and they partner with talented designers to provide you with furniture that elevates any space. Whether you need new seating, storage, décor, or more, read on to discover the value in Baker Furniture.


Quality of Work


Perhaps the most important reason to buy Baker Furniture is the company’s focus on creating quality items for the home. This brand began in 1890 and was founded by Siebe Baker, an immigrant from the Netherlands who started the company by performing interior woodwork and creating custom doors. Three years later, Baker made its first piece of furniture, a desk and bookcase combo. By the late 1920s, Baker was producing a range of products for the home. Their Manor House Collection brought English designs to America with the help of hand-picked experts hailing from Europe. Soon, the company expanded to create a wider variety of styles using different materials, finishes, and colors.

No expense is spared when creating Baker Furniture. Quality materials are used to make everything, whether it’s a simple dining chair or a large, luxurious sofa. Each item is inspected to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards before it reaches our showroom and your home. The brand is so well-known that they’ve made custom furnishings for major corporations, celebrities, and awards shows. You can get that same quality in your own home when you buy furniture made by Baker. Explore their collections from a myriad of creative designers and unique collections to experience the quality of Baker Furniture for yourself.


American Made Furniture


Items made exclusively in America is just one more reason regarding the value of Baker Furniture. Each product they produce is crafted entirely in the United States and features safe materials in order to offer consumers furniture that stands the test of time. When you buy American made furniture, you’re getting products that support your country and community. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your purchase is safe and durable to protect your investment. Their manufacturing hub is located in High Point, North Carolina and every item is made on U.S. soil.

Although Baker Furniture is American made, they draw influences from around the world. Whether you need something with an Asian flair, or you adore the influence of European designers, this dynamic brand has something for everyone. Their luxury furnishings give your home a sophisticated look while ensuring that you have furniture built to last. Antique pieces of Baker Furniture are coveted by collectors all over the world. Visit our showroom to start your collection of Baker Furniture today.

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