Italian Furniture Brands

Italian Furniture Brands

Italian furniture brands are recognized as symbols of premium quality. They're a true synonym of unique craftsmanship, transparency, and exquisite finishes.


When you purchase Italian furniture from luxurious brands, you're opting for refined pieces. You're choosing to enhance your home in a singular way, one that will not go unnoticed.


There are many reasons to go luxury when it comes to furniture, but especially because of the undeniable quality of its craftsmanship. With this in mind, we've gathered a selection of what we believe are the best Italian furniture brands available. Those that stand out for the constant trust they build and the admiration they create.

1. Ceccotti Collezioni

A singular brand with an eye in the future. This is Ceccotti Collezioni, simply put. Founded in 1956, it has always stood out as a prestigious manufacturer of home furniture.

Its success derives in part from their expert local artisans that know how to work with wood using their bare hands. There's no doubt that this is a brand that takes the best of traditional roots and gives them a contemporaneous twist.

Great Italian names are behind the iconic designs of Ceccotti Collezioni. It's the case of the renowned architect and theorist Paolo Portoghesi and the designer Roberto Lazzeroni.

Other than that, this is a brand with a uniquely modern vision of what furniture should look like. What makes Ceccotti Collezioni this unique is the fact that its growth hasn't affected its quality in any way. In fact, its focus on luxury furniture has always remained intact and has even developed into new, defying designs.

We proudly carry a curated selection of Ceccotti Collezioni at Decor House. Find out more about it here.

2. Gallotti&Radice

Since 1955, Gallotti&Radice has provided us with the best of glass furniture. This unique brand created by Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice is the perfect representation of luxury at home.

The creative owners first started by presenting handmade lighting, furnishings, and mirrors. However, they created their true masterpiece in 1971: the iconic table created for the architect Luigi Massoni. Fully transparent, made of light elegant glass, this was a unique piece with a singular style. Using glass in a full furniture piece was, until then, a rarity, but this creation launched a new trend. One that would last for many years to come. One that would become a true symbol of luxury.

In addition, Gallotti&Radice witnessed glorious success from this creation, which made their business grow. They expanded their vision of a luxurious home with the development of new pieces. Lamps, chairs, sofas, beds, mirrors, furnishing accessories. Every single element that can enhance a home's style is now part of Gallotti&Radice's collection.

Light and elegance are what define this brand. It's also why they're such a great choice for luxury dining room furniture.

3. Rimadesio

The sophistication that offers maximum functionality is the motto of Rimadesio. A true blend of technical innovation with deep stylistic research and ecological awareness. This is how we define Rimadesio and also why we believe it's such an elegant choice for your home.

They've completely transformed the traditional concept of interior design. Their modular systems are simple, yet, truly composed, creating a uniquely elegant look in any living room.

Their wide collection includes sliding doors, walk-in closets, accessories, and even bookcases. Complex furniture pieces are created to make your life easier at home, but also to make it look as sophisticated as an art gallery.

4. Alivar

Alivar describes itself as a ''dynamic company'', because it offers unique solutions. This is a brand that combines to perfection architecture and design. The result is uncomparable, with unique pieces of contemporary furniture that adapt to every space.

Consistency and design are one of this brand's main concerns and the reason why its furniture is so reliable. Alivar is a true representation of a family business that thrives to bring the best to you. It counts will the unique care of local craftsman, but also with the heritage from its Italian roots.

If you purchase any furniture from Alivar, you'd be opting for a timeless creation of superior beauty. You can now find the elegant furniture collection from Alivar at Decor House!

5. Henge

In the list of Italian furniture brands that do it for the love of furniture, you'll find Henge. Their passion is clearly reflected in the manufacturing process, in which you'll find only the best Italian craftsmen.

Henge is a brand that sees furniture as an aesthetically beautiful work of art. They put a personal touch in everything they produce because that's the best way to convey their love for furniture making.

A truly renowned company that counts with the collaboration of award-winning designers. Names such as Massimo Castagna and Yabu Pushelber justify the pristine recognition of Hange as a furniture brand.

The care that Hange takes in each material they use, alongside their genuine focus on producing aesthetically beautiful pieces is what makes this brand so unique.

Innovation that meets perfection is the true definition of Hange and why we believe it's one of the best Italian furniture brands.

Our Thoughts

Finding the perfect furniture for your home is overwhelming. In today's world, there are just too many options to choose from. However, not all options are reliable and a good investment, which is why it's so important to choose right.

Italian furniture brands have a reputation that stands firm because of the foundations behind it. The best brands in the market are well-recognized because of the constant effort they put to provide you with the best furniture. It's a work of many years of dedication and one that not all brands care about. As such, we at Decor House, want you to feel that you can trust the furniture you buy, which is why we pre-select the brands which are worth buying. All to ensure you can make a great decision, whichever furniture brand you opt for! Check out our luxury living room furniture on our website or in-store.