Miami's Top Luxury Furniture Brands

Miami's Top Luxury Furniture Brands

In a world of fast fashion and fast food, homeowners must also unfortunately contend with fast furniture. These are the pieces that replicate the real thing — and inevitably fall short (or fall apart).

To help you avoid being victim to the inferior furniture born of today’s throwaway culture, we think it pays to know which furniture brands still make quality pieces with the best materials and close attention to detail.

Below, we highlight four of our favorite brands for anyone shopping for luxury furniture in Miami.


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren produces a wide array of premium lifestyle products, ranging from clothing, fragrances, and accessories to home and hospitality lines. The brand’s namesake, Ralph Lauren, is its founder.

Born Ralph Lifshitz, Lauren found interest in contemporary fashion and style since childhood. As he grew older, his interest only intensified. Working first for designer fashion brand Brooks Brothers, he soon struck out on his own, designing and developing a line of unique men’s neckties and selling them at Bloomingdale’s department store in Manhattan.


Becoming a “Household” Name


In the 70s and 80s, Lauren’s brand, Ralph Lauren Corporation, would see tremendous growth and popularity. The Ralph Lauren Home and Paint collection made its debut in 1983.

Today, Ralph Lauren Home features fabulous pieces, ranging from sofas and armchairs, to beds and bedding. The pieces delivered by Ralph Lauren convey a distinctive American style — traditional, yet modern, and above all, comfortable and well-made. Within Ralph Lauren’s Home line, you’ll find everything from country floral designs and ornamental patterns in delicate all-natural materials, to bold stripes and contemporary patterns in thick wools and velvety-soft textures.



From Ralph Lauren, we go to Alivar furniture, founded in 1984 in Firenze, Italy — which most of us know as Florence.

ALIVAR boasts an ever-evolving array of contemporary pieces that are individually, true works of art. As their website states, “Our pieces are contemporary but are more than just fashion; they are a special way of interpreting interiors.” The brand has two core collections, each with an individual flare: Brilliant Lifestyle and Home Project.


Brilliant Lifestyle


While pieces in the Brilliant Lifestyle line are simple and straightforward, conveying that true Italian modern design, they are also plush, warm, and inviting. Slight curves in chairs and subtly rounded sofas lend soft comfortability that can beautify any room.


Home Project


Pieces within the Home Project collection contrast those of Brilliant Lifestyle in that they tend to be even starker and more unadorned, lending to a more contemporary flare. Italian furniture designer Giuseppe Bavuso designs all of the pieces in Home Project. Using all-Italian materials and a uniquely-Italian look, Bavuso showcases an understated, yet boldly elegant style within each of his Home Project pieces.


Century Furniture

Century Furniture Company has been in existence for over 70 years with more than 60 years of stable growth and expansion. It’s no surprise, after all. The brand met a large demand in its flagship year of 1947 — the demand for upper-end residential furniture, made of quality, state-of-the-art materials.

Harley Ferguson Shuford, Sr. began the company in North Carolina as a seller for local lines of upholstery. Shuford soon took the business in a new direction — building mahogany dining suites. These brilliant pieces were built with every attention to detail, which made them excellent sellers.

Still today, Century’s Wood Products Division sells an extensive line of over 700 beautifully-crafted wood pieces. The brand also produces extensive lines of bedroom, outdoor, and living and dining room furniture in traditional luxury styles.


Environmentally-Friendly Beauty


Today, one of the things Century Furniture is most known for is its leadership in the world of environmentally sustainable furniture, which means you don't have to sacrifice sustainability for style when selecting your luxury furniture. Century Furniture is an EFEC (Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture) company. They also obtained their Sustainable by Design registration in 2010 and later in 2013, became an SFC/Rainforest Alliance company.

Century also puts a strong focus on where their wood comes from. Century always ensures that their wood originates from sustainably managed forests. Moreover, their pieces are meant to last a lifetime — and longer. When you own a Century piece, you can plan on it being in your family for generations to come.


Baker Furniture

Baker Furniture began as a cabinet shop nearly 130 years ago. Today, with showrooms around the globe and pieces in the homes of Hollywood stars and celebrities the world-over, they are known as one of the top luxury furniture brands in existence.


Tradition Meets Modernity


Customarily, the brand partners with eminent designers from around the world, who create simple, understated designs for the Baker brand. You’ll find their pieces range from cozy and charming to modern and sophisticated. Of course, each designer brings their own unique flare “to the table.” Many lovers of the Baker brand find one or two designers they like to stick with and outfit their homes with pieces from these lines exclusively.

At the same time, tradition always meets modernity when it comes to the staple line of Baker Originals. This is a line of Baker’s own signature pieces, originating from the brand’s modest beginnings as a cabinet shop.


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