What is a Modern Living Room Style

What is a Modern Living Room Style

The way you furnish and decorate your living room will dictate the style it fits in. You might not be sure exactly what type of furniture makes a living room look traditional, modern, contemporaneous, or rustic. However, with certain elements, color palettes, and layouts, you'll be defining a style.

If what you're looking for is a modern style, we'll tell you all about ''What is a Modern Living Room Style'' and how to create it.

Nonetheless, it's important to first evaluate your available space and only then decide on which decoration you'd like to see in it. Modern is a synonym of spacious and minimalistic, even if the available floor space is small.

Most importantly, you need to be ready to plan and envision your living room the way you want it to look. After all, this involves a lot of work and patience, as you'll have to mix and match colors, textures, and materials. In the end, it will all be worth it, and we can guarantee you that you don't need to be an expert in the field to create the modern living room of your dreams. All you need is a direction and a purpose - and our exclusive tips.


What is a Modern Living Room Style?


It's not rare to see styles being mixed, resulting in a composed look. However, if you're not an expert in interior design, the best decision is to stick to one specific style.

This is specifically important because some styles might seem, at first, the same or very similar, but in fact, they're quite different. For example, modern and contemporary designs are often mistaken as being the same. While they do have common aspects, they're actually quite different.

Modern design is a direct synonym of minimalist, simple designs that look artsy and luxurious. Contemporary, on the other hand, is the result of a blend of styles that are always changing. Contemporary means borrowing ideas from any other styles and making them fashionable. This is a style that can get inspiration from traditional designs, but also modern ones.

If what you want to know is ''What is a Modern Living Room Style'', then what you're looking for is a combination of uncluttered, simple elements. Those, when put together, create a minimalist sensibility that makes any space that is almost empty look composed.

In practice, creating a modern living room style involves including certain elements that are unique to this style. You can see some of the most important ones below.


Keep it Neutral


Modern styles are often associated with white and overall neutral tones. To create a visual illusion of space enlargement, use light colors, such as white, soft grey, soft yellow light blue.

It's important to understand this is a style that gives spotlight to every element of the room. No element should stand out too much due to its color or pattern, as it would overshadow the remaining ones. You may include one highlight element but think first if it makes the space look composed, rather than confusing.

That includes the colors you choose to paint your walls, which should be mainly neutral. Opting for white is always a safe choice that makes sense in this modern style. As if your decoration and furniture are the dashes of color in a beautiful, big white canvas.


Keep it Clean


Geometry and modernism are closely connected. Modern furniture is usually made of simple, geometric lines that remind us of the infinite. For example, a modern sofa doesn't end in itself - it continues in the straight lines that follow it. The sofa and the living room are one, and you can't quite visually distinguish where it starts or finishes. It's all part of one big, equally shaped element.

Square and gently rounded edges are an all-time favorite of the modern style. After all, straight, simple lines are exactly what you're looking for in your modern-styled furniture.

Keep it Functional


''What is a Modern Living Room Style'' is knowing it should be functional. Every single element of your modern living room should have a purpose and show it openly.

That means your modern furniture won't try to hide the function behind its aesthetics. It's all clear and visible because after all, your home should be a space that makes your life easier and not otherwise.

Modern furniture is the result of a principle that says that form follows function. Keep that in mind in every piece you choose and ask yourself: ''How would this piece help me in my daily life at home?''. If the answer is it wouldn't help you in any way, as it's just decorative, opt for another one. That's the way to keep it minimalist.

Keep it Natural


With the appearance of modern furniture, one got closer to the natural roots of furniture. In opposition to the very glamorous, yet, convoluted, materials of the 19th century, the modern style appears as a breath of fresh air in that sense. It is also often associated with luxury furniture, because of the conception process behind it and the care for sustainability. You can, today, find beautiful, modern sofas, sectionals, side tables, that convey luxury in every sense of the word. At Decor House, for example, you have a wide selection of modern, luxurious furniture to choose from.

Wood, stone, leather, rattan, glass, metal. Every single material used in this style is a successful attempt to make us closer to nature and the raw materials that come from it. The outdoors are brought in and embedded with your home.

If you'd like to extend this motto of being closely connected with nature when at home, choose a focal point in your living room, and place a green element there. It can be a small tree, bush, or even a home plant. You'll see how harmonious your space will look.

Keep it Minimalistic


Modern is a synonym of minimalistic. Simply put. As such, when decorating your living room, to keep it modern you have to make it spacious.

This means letting go of any unnecessary furniture and knowing that less is more. In this style, oftentimes people opt for luxurious and refined pieces. Especially because, even with a tight budget, since you'll be buying less in quantity, you can invest more in quality.

The modern style is the perfect opportunity to go for that luxury sofa you've been dreaming about. Don't miss it!

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