What Makes McGuire Furniture Different

What Makes McGuire Furniture Different

If you are looking for beautiful pieces of furniture that are made from the highest quality natural materials by master craftsmen who take their time over every item, you need look no further than McGuire Furniture. McGuire is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of stylish design and excellent quality.

When you buy a piece of McGuire Furniture, you take home a labor of love because every single detail has been worked on by hand. Artisans have woven lengths of Danish cord, rattan and rawhide, cast real leaves in concrete and worked on every piece of wood. Every accessory and the smallest of details are considered for each piece of furniture. As you can imagine, this is a process that cannot be rushed and no item of McGuire furniture enters the showroom until it is perfect.


McGuire Furniture has a Timeless Quality


Whether it is a set of rattan chairs, a fun coffee table or a collection of tables and seats for use outdoors, you can’t go wrong if you choose from the McGuire collection. No expense has been spared in the making of each item and everything is practical, comfortable and hardworking. It will be loved and enjoyed for years to come and thanks to its timeless design, you won't be in a hurry to swap it.

The company was started by John and Elinor McGuire 70-years-ago because they wanted to make furniture that encapsulated their love of the Californian lifestyle, both inside and out. The casual luxury, warmth, aliveness and heart of California is in every piece. They spent a lot of time acquiring the right natural materials, which were then made even more beautiful with excellent craftsmanship. They blended them with lovely fabrics, interesting textures and pleasing details to create exciting, stylish and talked about furniture.


Stylish Furniture Famed for Design and Finish

A new generation has taken over from John and Elinor, but the goal remains the same and that is to create beautiful furniture of the very best quality that is famed for its design and finish. McGuire Furniture’s reputation for design and craftsmanship has spread far and wide and it’s no surprise to discover that some of the world’s best-known designers have joined forces with the company to launch their own collections.

McGuire says that their pieces are 'a feeling' and what they mean by that is, when you buy one of their items, you’ll want to run your hands over it and take time to appreciate the craftsmanship. If you look closely, you’ll notice the tiny details, a superior finish and an eye for design that has made them world leaders.  That's not to say it's only for show as comfort and usability are just as important as the look of each piece. Whether you are after something classic or prefer a bold, modern design, there'll something in the McGuire collection to suit your tastes.

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