Why Buy Ralph Lauren Furniture

Why Buy Ralph Lauren Furniture

Furniture is a major investment. You want to spend money on pieces of furniture that you will have in your home for decades. So, whichever room you're shopping for, you need to buy from a brand that produces luxury pieces.


You need Ralph Lauren Furniture


Why buy Ralph Lauren Furniture? Keep reading to find out!

We have put together this guide detailing Ralph Lauren Home, its beginnings, and what draws its customers to it over other brands because we want to make shopping for furniture for your home as easy as it can be.


About Ralph Lauren Home


While the name ‘Ralph Lauren’ is best known among the designers of clothes, the brand produces some of the best luxury furniture on the market. Lauren is able to strategically evoke grander times with the richly layered look of the furniture he designs. This opulence inspired a generation of decorators to embrace tradition in their designs because Ralph Lauren Home controls trends in a way that was unheard of before they began production. Riding the so-called postmodern wave of colonial revivalism, Lauren began the Home brand by producing items like bedding, dishes, and rugs in 1983. The brand later added furniture in 1985, paint in 1995 and lighting in 2000. In 2021, multiple collections are introduced each year, with unapologetically romantic names like the iconic Log Cabin Collection. These collections borrow heavily from early- to mid-20th-century design, with the fabric patterns and sculptural forms closely resembling Lauren's latest clothing lines. This is a brand that combines fashion and form intimately to align with the mystique of architectural design.

Ralph Lauren Home allows you to draw a narrative through the furniture you buy for your home. This ability to tell a story turns a dull space into something desirable and contemporary. When you buy a piece of Ralph Lauren Home, you're buying a piece of the myth of the home.


Why Buy Ralph Lauren Furniture?


We carry furniture made by a lot of luxury brands, but we consider Ralph Lauren Home to be the best of the best for many reasons…


The Luxury of American Design in Your Home


Ralph Lauren makes a number of its high-end products in Italy, but some of its pieces are still made in the USA to ensure that the brand remains an American staple. But no matter where a piece of Ralph Lauren Home is made, it is sure to reflect true American luxury through fine craftsmanship.

Defining luxury is not an easy feat, for some it is defined by a feeling of aspiration, others connect it to a sense of elegance and individuality. But no matter what your definition of luxury is, Ralph Lauren Home explores it. The beautiful curves and timeless heritage that come with a piece of furniture from this brand feel exclusive. That- to us, is what luxury is, and no one does it better than Lauren.


True Design Genius


We believe that the home should feel like a home, not a furniture showroom. When you buy Ralph Lauren Home, you will receive a piece that interweaves textures, colors, patterns, and other elements to create pieces that can speak to their past and help them show their true selves to their guests. A home full of Ralph Lauren Home furniture will look lived in and give your guests a feeling of warmth and timelessness whenever they are lucky enough to visit.

Whether the home you are furnishing is classic or modern in its style, you are sure to find pieces that meet the needs of the space within the brand's expansive catalog. Since the brand has been producing furniture for so long, it has pieces that can be used as the foundation for the room you are furnishing as well as a selection of statement pieces. This gives you an opportunity to push your creative boundaries and work to express your personal style with furniture rather than relying on accessories. This will lead to a more refined aesthetic style.


Quality Materials


The use of high-grade fabric, metal, wood, plastic, and glass is not uncommon in luxury furniture, but this brand goes one step further. The design process for Ralph Lauren Home is meticulous as the brand understands that the hard work of the designers would be rendered inconsequential if the materials used in production are not up to scratch. So highly trained professionals select unique components that have stunning finishes, textures, patterns, and structures to use in each individual product to ensure the piece can meet the expectations of you- the customer.

This means that Ralph Lauren Home always feels incredible to the touch, and it lasts a significantly longer amount of time than if low-grade raw materials were used. Although these premier materials come with a price tag, they are very much worth the extra expense. If you are unnerved by the price, then we suggest that it is very unlikely that your neighbors will be able to copy the look of your room, so you don’t have to worry about your personal style being diluted by copycats.


Expert Craftsmanship


So why buy Ralph Lauren furniture, craftmanship.  This is where the real value is found. This brand employs the finest craftsman in the world, many of whom have dedicated a large portion of their lives to refining the skills they need to produce luxury-grade furniture. This is what sets the brand apart from similar luxury brands that use typical cheap mass-production methods.

The handmade, bespoke furniture made by this brand is created to a distinct specification, using traditions passed down through generations. When you compare a piece that is intended to be mass-produced to a piece by Lauren’s company, you can literally see the difference in quality.


Great Value for the Money


So far in this post, we’ve discussed the tangible elements that make Ralph Lauren Home worthwhile. While this is key when you are deciding which brand to purchase luxury furniture from, there is something else you must consider- cost-effectiveness. The price of a luxury item will always be higher than a standard product, but some brands take advantage of their reputation and overcharge for even the simplest product.

Knowing how to discern what brands price their furniture fairly couldn’t be more important. People often mistake ‘value for money’ as the cheapest pieces on the market, but this is not the case. Rather, you should feel that the piece you receive is well worth what you are paying for it.

We define value by durability for this reason. And this brand does durability well, and their sofas are a perfect example of this. Suppose you are furnishing your living room from scratch, and you need to purchase a sofa for their space to act as its focal point. You could spend a small amount on this and use the money you save to furnish the rest of their living room with accent items. But the cost of the piece implies that it would be poorly made and last for around 2 years before it began to buckle so much that it became uncomfortable. If you were to invest in a piece made by Ralph Lauren, you would receive a product that is immaculately made that could last for 20 years. While this would be more expensive, the product would last ten times longer.


Types of Furniture


Now that you know why you should choose a piece made by Ralph Lauren Home over a piece made by another brand, you may think you are ready to start shopping. But you need to know what types of luxury furniture you need for your home.


Luxury Beds


The bed acts as a canvas within the bedroom, something that can define a space. This brand has always treated the bed like a fashion accessory as well as a piece of internal architecture. Opt for a luxury piece made from a durable material, as you would with a jacket and pants, and top it with serene sheets that feel good against the skin the way a good shirt should.


Luxury Sofas


The sofa is just as important as the bed. And a luxury sofa can become a family heirloom if you buy the right piece from a brand like this one. Ralph Lauren Home sofas are unique in that they are capable of becoming the focal point of the room if dressed up or slip into a corner unnoticed if dressed down and surrounded by furniture from the same brand. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a sofa for your home from this brand.


Luxury Coffee Tables


Luxury coffee tables are essential. Since a coffee table will see daily use, a poorly made piece by another brand may become damaged easily, meaning your money will have been wasted. And since a luxury coffee table from this brand is usually more unusual in its form than other mass-produced products, you don’t need to worry about it looking lost within the room as a standard piece might. They can also act as interesting ice-breakers when you invite a few guests over for coffee!


Luxury Dining Tables


The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. We think the dining room is its soul. Ralph Lauren Home dining tables are specially designed to help you enjoy your meals with your friends and family. Whether you are looking for a piece so that you can dine al fresco this summer or one that can handle having the family over for Christmas dinner, our selection of this brand's dining tables caters to all types of social gatherings - ensuring they are long-lasting and fashionable.


Luxury Dining Chairs


No dining room would be complete without luxury dining chairs by Ralph Lauren Home.

This brand produces upholstered chairs with hand-tufted cushions and leather chairs for those searching for a piece with a classic appeal. Both types work well with any type of dining table as they look and feel expensive.


Trust The Quality


When you're considering 'why buy Ralph Lauren furniture'  you'll definitely do research online and even consider buying online. We recommend physically assessing the furniture that is available to you. Check for uneven staple lines and stitching in chairs and poor joint connections in hardwood items. If you cannot make it to a store in person, then this is where reviews come in. Read all of the reviews that are available to you, paying particular attention to the reviews that point out some potential drawbacks or issues with the chairs you are considering. This might give you a better idea and a more well-rounded picture of the actual product and how it can function within the space.

We hope this guide detailing Ralph Lauren Home has taught you about the brand, so you have an easier time deciding if a piece is right for the home you are furnishing. With this information in mind, you can refocus your energy on finding furniture that can meet the needs and appeal to the individual aesthetics of the families you work for.

If you are looking for luxury furniture for your home, then browse our collection of Ralph Lauren Home furniture. Visit our website to see everything mentioned above and more all in one place. If you know exactly what you are looking for, then utilize the refine search tool to browse by material and find your ideal piece of outdoor furniture in seconds. Since we have comprehensive product descriptions of every piece of Ralph Lauren furniture in our inventory, it couldn’t be easier to find furniture that is right for your outdoor space.  If you’re in the Miami area, feel free to stop by our luxury furniture store and see what we have on the floor.