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Is Bernhardt Furniture High-End?

This brand is one of the best on the market for luxury furniture, and it is one of the few luxury brands that have stood the test of time, choosing not to compromise the quality of its furniture for profit. The brand has a rich history, and its continued role as a trendsetter within the industry tells us that it will continue to change the status quo for years to come without compromising on its ethos of quality. Don’t believe us? Then listen to industry voices that praise Bernhardt Furniture, listing it on their favorite brands’ lists almost every year.


The quality and reputation that accompany a piece of Bernhardt Furniture mean that it also carries a heavy price tag. But we feel that the timeless styles and hand-crafted quality of Bernhardt Furniture make the price worth every penny. In fact, in buying Bernhardt Furniture, you are saving money as any of their products can be expected to last a lifetime with minimal care needed to keep it looking its best.


Bernhardt stands out against comparable brands as they are one of the highest quality sofa companies on the market, so if you are shopping for a sofa for your home, there is no better brand to browse than Bernhardt Furniture.


Bernhardt Furniture is so confident in the quality of its furniture they have a limited lifetime warranty that covers the majority of the brand's products in the event of the piece being damaged. Few brands have comparable warranties, and those that do don’t provide coverage as Bernhardt Furniture does. Truly, this is a quality brand that cares for its customers. Nothing can give you a feeling of confidence like purchasing a piece of Bernhardt Furniture can.

Is Bernhardt Furniture Solid Wood?

We get this question a lot, and we are more than happy to answer it because we believe that the materials a piece of furniture is made from is the true determiner of its quality. Bernhardt Furniture only produces quality products. They achieve this level of quality by blending modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. The results are impeccable standards of fit, finish, hardware, and construction. The materials used also help the craftsmen achieve superior quality. The brand utilizes dense woods found in Western North Carolina for its furniture to ensure that the Bernhardt name becomes part of each of its customer's families' legacy. But the people at Bernhardt Furniture know that every piece of furniture is different, so they choose whatever solid wood fits best per specific piece of furniture. A variety of authentic, high-quality woods has been sourced from around the world, able to enhance the story behind each collection and create a unique design statement.


Some of the brand's frames are made using multi-ply hardwood plywood, while others are made using hardwoods. Each one of the exposed wood frames made by the brand employs 1-1/4" mixed hardwoods for peak durability. Even the joints of hardwood pieces are superior as Bernhardt's artisans assemble each frame using sturdy mortise and tendon joints to account for pressure points that must be able to withstand stress and wear.