Candice Olsen Furniture

Candice Olson Furniture Collection

Candice Olson Furniture combines the scale, proportion, and form of formal furniture with the beautiful simplicity of modern pieces. What sets this brand apart is its ability to create a contrast within a piece of furniture that is still complementary to the piece as a whole. This is due to the keen eye of the designer herself, Candice Olson, and the artisans of Century House that handcraft each piece of furniture to ensure it is of the highest quality. When you shop our selection of Candice Olson Furniture, you are sure to find a piece with a sense of timeless beauty and an equally modern flare.


With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Candice Olson is a giant in the world of interior design, having imparted her unique sense of style into the collective aesthetic of the American home. We carry a huge range of Candice Olson Furniture, including furniture for the dining room, living room, and kitchen. If you are looking for a piece of Candice Olson Furniture for your living room. Browse our range of lounge chairs and imagine spending your days sinking into its comforting embrace. If you are in the market for more tabletop space but also want a statement piece for your home, check out our collection of Candice Olson tables and take advantage of their innovative designs and visual splendor now. Whatever you need, you will find it when you shop with us here at Decor House.