Luc Cocktail Table

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We offer you Interlude's Luc Cocktail Table is constructed of stainless steel and glass. This table is ideal for decorating and even for a variety of other functions, but you may adjust it to meet your own needs and desires. The magnificent glass-topped Luc Cocktail Table has a striking stainless-steel base in a brushed brass finish and is dramatically proportioned. While designing our furniture, we kept in mind that stainless-steel is really strong product which can last long and it can make really good-looking furniture and a lot of advantages, that’s the difference between Luc Cocktail Table by Interlude and other products. Cleanup is a breeze on stainless steel and glass surfaces. You can easily wipe up a spill or polish dull surfaces using just a clean rag. Use a mild soap and warm water to keep your furniture sparkling and clean. Special cleaners and polishes for stainless steel can remove more stubborn messes and help the surface repel dirt or fingerprint smudges. Luc Cocktail Table by Interlude comes in a single hue, but has the ability to blend in with all of your other furniture, filling your space with elegance and revitalizing the appearance of your surroundings. So, to make it clear and easy for you Luc Cocktail Table by Interlude product can “speak” for itself how great it is.


Material: Stainless Steel, Glass

Finish: Brushed Brass, Clear


Brand: Interlude

Description: Luc Cocktail Table

SKU: 118143

Type: Coffee Tables, Tables


Width: 62" (157.5 cm)

Depth: 36" (91.4 cm)

Height: 17" (43.2 cm)