How to Choose Luxury Furniture

How to Choose Luxury Furniture

 The concept of 'luxury' is broad but usually easy to identify. Luxury furniture is exclusive, of high quality, has timeless designs, and lasts long. In fact, it lasts as long as you'd like it to.

The craftsmanship of a luxurious piece is second to none. The premium materials used are the best in the market. All that, when combined with expert designers that create unique pieces - is luxury in its purest form.

Even though identifying a luxurious piece is not that difficult, choosing the right one for you is not always easy. If you're wondering how to choose luxury furniture, we have the answer. After all we, at Décor House, focus on providing you with the best furniture for the greatest prices.

Our exclusive, top-secret tips will help you understand how to choose luxury furniture. We'll tell you our inside strategy to do so. One we know will work with you.

From Furniture to Luxury Furniture

Certain key aspects are common in all luxury furniture. Those will help you identify it more easily.

Choosing luxurious pieces includes knowing that the brand behind them is premium. It's being sure the quality of what you purchase is durable. Also, the designs should be somehow exclusive. Either because they're customizable or because they're limited edition.

Renowned Brands

 Before buying any said luxury piece, search for the name of the brand behind its conception. Only renowned, recognized brands create true pieces of luxury.

See the example of brands such as McGuire Furniture. Customers trust it fully and give it the pristine reputation it has. This is a brand that has built its place in the luxurious segment since the start. Others have done the same and are almost always centenary brands.

Earning true respect and keeping it over the years in an overly saturated industry is not easy. That's why it's so remarkable to see how premium brands resist the changes of times, tastes, and trends. When quality is timeless and so are the designs, no change can affect their growth.

Undeniable Quality

Saying a piece is high-quality is easy at first. After all, almost all pieces look good when out of the factory.

The difference when it comes to luxury furniture is that its quality is undeniable because of its materials. Only the finest materials like natural wood or cast metals are part of luxurious pieces. Also, premium brands usually hand seal their products and add a layer of protection. This will prevent any damages due to dust and weather.

All that combined is what will ensure your pieces last long, and always keep the same impeccable look. No matter how many years have passed since you first bought them.

Premium production

Premium companies count on the hands and expertise of dedicated artisans. Oftentimes, they handcraft each piece from start to finish. This ensures quality that prevails and that no detail is left behind.

If you want to know how to choose luxury furniture, it's always good to search about its production. If you see terms such as 'hand weave' or 'handcrafted', you can be sure you're choosing luxury.

Also, factories located exclusively in the US - with no foreign production - are a good indicator of luxury. After all, this is the only way to ensure strict quality supervision.

Choosing Luxury Furniture

Available Customization

To think of luxury is to know it is the opposite of mass production. Luxury pieces are exclusive, but also completely adaptable to your taste.

If you're looking for a sofa that fits your living room, you can choose its layout, shape, length, and even materials and accessories. Only true premium brands - such as these examples McGuire Bernhardt Caracole Baker
offer this type of service.

We carry a vast selection of luxury furniture that is completely customizable. Because there's nothing more important to us than your full satisfaction. We want you to completely love your living room, with the sofa you've created to match your style. Your bedroom has to be your own nest to rest with a luxury bed you've envisioned. Your home office can easily turn into your favorite place to work because of that chair that is all you ever wanted. Comfortable and stylish.


Luxury is exclusive. That makes perfect sense because luxurious pieces take time to build and last long.

As such, part of buying luxury is knowing you will have a piece that no one can find anywhere else. It's yours, it's unrepeatable, it looks unique.

Brands that work with luxury know their success lies in creating limited runs. That's why they often partner with renowned designers, in exclusive partnerships. As a result, they create one-time pieces that are never produced again. A good example of that is the partnership between Baker and the designer Barbara Barry. If you want to know how to choose luxury furniture, opting for an exclusive, limited edition piece is the way to go.

Choose Bespoke Furniture Pieces

The concept of luxury includes creating a composed space. This means you'll add layers of styles, textures, and colors within the same room.

A luxurious piece is a perfect opportunity to go bold. You can do so by choosing a strong color, or a unique, interesting texture. Luxury pieces should stand out and make their value speak for themselves. Those are usually artsy and define the space's style.

See the example of the McGuire Sunflower Dining Table, a unique piece that looks like art. With this table, your dining room will immediately look like something else. A space of admiration, with a unique 'wow factor'.

Count with our expertise

If you're still wondering about how to choose luxury furniture, we have the solution for you. Décor House has a team of experts in interior design, ready to give you all the tips on this.

We'll be here, from start to finish, helping you decide which pieces combine with your home's style. You'll have at your disposal a vast selection of luxury furniture - but we'll narrow down your choices according to your taste.

Not all luxury furniture is the right option for you and so we'll tell you which brands better suit you. With Décor House the experience of creating your perfect home sweet home is as seamless as it can be!