Classic Dining Room with Michael Weiss

Classic Dining Room with Michael Weiss

The purpose of the dining room has changed over the years. Once, it was just a place to eat, but now it is also a social space built for relaxing and gathering with guests. While everyone has their own unique palate when it comes to food, your client’s preferences for the design of their home can be just as unique.

Here at Décor House, we understand how difficult it can be to create a classic dining room. When you furnish so many spaces, making one place unique can become difficult. We want to make furnishing your client's home as easy as possible. That is why we are sharing our tips for designing the perfect classic dining room with pieces from our collection of Michael Weiss Furniture.

We have over thirty years of experience working with brands to curate our showrooms to ensure that we carry every type of furniture you may need in every possible style. We carry a large selection of furniture by Michael Weiss because we believe furniture from this designer, with its clean architectural lines and delicate attention to detail, can give any room a new lease on life. Weiss’s collaboration with Vanguard allowed this designer to experiment with new forms and create a collection that is at once traditional and transitional. Each piece we mention today is a perfect representation of Weiss's commitment to quality and Vanguard's dedication to innovation.

If you have been tasked with creating a classic dining space, keep reading to discover four pieces of furniture that will inspire you to create your client's perfect dining room.


Anchor the Room with the Bradford Dining Table

The dining room is defined by the dining table, so the dining table you choose for your client’s dining room is important. The Bradford Dining Table is masterfully crafted able to seat your client’s entire family comfortably without guests feeling cramped. Its rectangular shape is reminiscent of the traditional picture of a dining room we all think of when reminiscing about happy memories of family gatherings. The shape will emphasize the streamlined look of the cabinetry and give the room the same sharp, strong lines of a classic dining room. This structure is offset by the pedestal base, giving this piece a unique look.

Your client can dress the table up or down to increase or decrease the level of formality in the space, depending on the guests they are serving. The gorgeous hardwood tabletop is finished in a deep stately brown, meaning it would both contrast light chairs and dark cabinets beautifully. Truly, this is a piece that can bring a room together.


Seat Guests in Style with the Phelps Stocked Dining Chair With Arms

Choosing dining chairs that meet your client’s expectations can be daunting. One of the chairs we have chosen to highlight today is the Phelps Stocked Dining Chair with Arms. This piece is upholstered with a light nuzzle linen for maximum comfort. Never one to spare the finer details, Michael Weiss’s eye for fine detailing can be seen on this piece in the easily missed nailhead around the seat's base. The flat seat promotes good posture, while the two arms give your client a place to rest their elbows naturally while chatting and eating.

The smooth nation latte inback and outback gives the piece internal visual conflict meaning that the piece itself becomes a conversation-starting work of art, sure to spark interesting discussions with your client’s guests about their style. While your client may have envisioned a classic dining space with hardwood chairs, since the latte hue of the chairs leather top is in the same color family as the finish of the Bradford Dining Table and its legs are finished in the same color as the table, the pieces complement each other beautifully without the need to incorporate a tired wooden chair into the space.


A New Direction, Meet the Phelps Stocked Dining Chair Without Arms

Why stop at one type of chair? While we think that a table surrounded by Phelps Stocked Dining Chairs with Arms would be stunning, we know that visual diversity can help the space reach its full potential. By using the Phelps Stocked Dining Chair without Arms in combination with two of the chairs with arms, we believe that this will give your client a dining space that far exceeds their expectations.

In classic dining rooms, it is common to have a different type of chair at the head of the table. However, this look has become outdated in the past few years. To achieve a similar atmosphere, we think placing two Phelps Stocked Dining Chairs with Arms at either end of the table and using the chairs without arms on its length would give your clients space character and balance the design of the room. This piece has all the aesthetic benefits of the chair mentioned above but without the arms to aid mobility when placed along the table's length.


Dazzle Guests with the Carmen Spoked Mirror

Only a mirror can complete the dining room, and the Carmen Spoked Mirror is a shining example of Weiss’s versatility as a designer. Despite belonging to another collection, the piece will blend seamlessly with the items mentioned above. The blacked silver of the frame contrasts the warm tones belonging to the hardwood pieces, and the circular frame distinguishes the piece from the dining table rather than simply reflecting it.

Hang it on the wall above the dining table, and as the mirror pane and surrounding spikes catch the light of your chosen light fixture, your client will be mesmerized by the glow it emits. Or hang it opposite the doorway so it can greet your client's guests as they enter.

We hope this guide inspires you to furnish your client's dining room with Michael Weiss Furniture.

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