Create a Luxury Dining Room

Create a Luxury Dining Room

The dining room is changing. Once, it was just a place for families to eat their meals. Now it is a social space where the family can gather and spend time together, both before and after meals. This evolution means that the dining room has become difficult to design even for the most talented interior designer.


We want to help


Here at Décor House, we spend hours helping our customers design custom dining rooms using the knowledge and skills we have amassed from years of serving our community and collaborating with designer brands to guide them on their design journey. Today we are using this knowledge to help you create a luxury dining room.

We think that the secret to creating a truly magical dining experience for your client and their guests is to source luxury furniture from luxury brands. You should look for pieces that suit your client's hosting needs and their home perfectly, which should not be difficult given the number of luxury brands producing high-quality furniture on the market today.

Keep reading to find out how to create a luxury dining room for your client’s space, what luxury brands produce the best luxury dining room furniture, what products we recommend from these brands, and what types of furniture you need to buy at a luxury quality.


Is Luxury Furniture Worth the Investment?


Whether your client’s high end dining room will serve as an intimate space for gatherings with close friends, a place of business to wine and dine business partners, or a friendly casual space that they want to share with their entire family, the dining room should be specially tailored to this experience in both look and function. The best way to do this is by purchasing luxury furniture for the space as it is more easily customized to the needs of the individual than a piece straight from the showroom floor.

Moreover, since the materials used to create luxury pieces are selected by artisans that understand form, function, and design, they are always structurally sound. This means that a dining table, chair, or cabinet will last a lifetime with proper care. Moreover, since these designers also understand aesthetic design, luxury pieces also possess style longevity, so the piece you buy will likely never go out of style. This is good for you and your client as it guarantees a good review and word-of-mouth recommendations years down the line since they will likely be happy with the look of their space.


Dining Room Styles


While there are practical factors to consider when you are furnishing any space, like the size of the room itself and the types of furniture it can accommodate, the easiest place to start is by identifying what style your client wants.

From here, you’ll be able to help them decide what size of table is required within the space, the number of chairs you will need to surround said table with, and whether your clients could benefit from purchasing an extendable table or one with storage facilities so they can forgo the need for a sideboard.

It can be difficult to create a luxury dining room if your client doesn’t have a clear idea of how they want their space to look. To help you talk them through their options, we have summarized some popular dining room styles. Each of the styles mentioned below can only be created with luxury furniture, so it’s important to emphasize that in your discussions with your client. But once they decide on a look, you can show them that dining in can be a treat too when you eat in luxury.




Timeless style is the paradigm of modern dining room fashion. It is suitable for all luxury dining rooms since it can be achieved with relative ease. This, along with the fact that timeless dining rooms are designed to be as stylish as they are now in twenty years, means that it is a great choice if you have a strict budget to adhere to or you’re working with a client that is reluctant to invest in luxury pieces in case they don’t like them in a couple of years.

This look can be summarized by the work ‘pristine,’ so we suggest that you avoid overstuffing your client’s dining room with an excess of furniture. Stick to the basics so that the space will never look dated, and have your client invest in luxury pieces. Choose furniture that is elegant, chairs that are beautifully upholstered in a timeless material and color, and then add in accent items like bold statement mirrors that can be switched out every few years are your client's style changes.



If your client’s home is littered with ornate details, then we recommend that you carry that look through their home and into their dining area by creating an opulent dining room. To do this, you must create a lavish display of items that will be visible from the moment guests enter the room. We recommend using striking table arrangements and golden touches around the room with a dining table with golden detailing on its legs. When trying to create an opulent luxury dining room, don’t be scared of furniture with oversized proportions like cabinets. It doesn’t hinder the look of the room. It helps you make a statement. But as not to overpower the room, we advise that you keep upholstery simple in color and form to maintain a sophisticated aesthetic. Spend whatever you have left in the budget on a luxury chandelier to add a little sparkle to the space, and your client's guests will be blown away by the scene you’ll have created.

The best opulent dining room furniture on the market is produced by Baker. You’ll find dining room cabinets, chairs, stools, tables in our inventory by Baker from a variety of their collections and collaborations with some of the most talented designers on the planet. If you are unsure whether your clients would enjoy the lavish fashion of an opulent dining room, then show them the Bezel Dining Table from the Laura Kirar collaboration. This piece is crafted carefully to Kirar’s exact specifications to ensure it lives up to the Baker standard of excellence. There is a focus on retaining the pure form of the table in the creation of this piece, but the sculptural base of this pedestal table is heavily inspired by gem forms and is held in place by a structural, faceted cage in brass. This is what gives it its opulent design. Show this piece to your client. If they love it, then they are sure to love the opulent dining space you design.



If your client hasn’t decided on a dining room style yet because they are a laidback, carefree person, then reflect this attitude in the look of their space.

Casual dining rooms are inherently informal, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advise your client to buy luxury dining room furniture, as even the most untailored space needs more refined items to help achieve its look. We recommend choosing staple luxury pieces like a dining table and chairs in an elegant style. Search for one that is easy to maintain so that your client's space can be suitable for early daytime meals, intimate evening meals, or a suitable work and study station. This is the ideal style of dining room for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of space in their home and may need to use their dining room as an office space.

Luxury doesn’t have to be formal; some of the most well-designed pieces of furniture in our inventory are casual in style. The best brand for casual furniture for the dining room is Century Furniture. This brand has reinvented elegance. Its masterful designers are able to take traditional forms and create pieces like the Casa Bella Serpentine Étagère that will still be stylish by the end of the century. Pieces like this, with their gorgeous glass shelving, epitomize the casual look. Its curved pillars support the piece and bring character into the room, which can be difficult when you are furnishing a casual space.


Neoclassical Elegance

If your client's home is littered with antiques, with walls adorned by watercolor paintings, then you should create a luxury dining room in a neoclassical aesthetic for them to enjoy.

Neoclassical dining rooms look dignified. They ooze the same level of elegance as a dining room with a traditional look would, but they also benefit from modern forms. This allows you to update a space. This style of dining room furniture is perfect for any room with high ceilings, as most neoclassically styled pieces retain the high of their antique counterparts. If the space you are furnishing has its original cornicing, then all the better!

Bring a touch of classical design into your client’s space with furniture by Councill. This brand prioritizes quality in all of its products. Every cabinet, chair, and table is made using time-honored techniques to make sure every product that leaves their warehouse finds its home in the house of a happy customer. Unlike other brands that manufacture dining room furniture in this style, Councill goes above and beyond to create an authentic look. They hire detail-orientated craftspeople to hand-paint decoration onto table legs and hand-finish chairs to give each item a show-stopping look.

We recommend the Councill Brenton Commode to anyone furnishing a stylish neoclassical dining room. This piece is renowned for its attractive concave shape. Its large doors and body are made using a Swirl Mahogany veneer to give it a natural look. Since the doors are framed with decorative molding and highlighted with any accent color of your choice, it is the perfect piece to tie a room together.



This is the most popular style of luxury dining room as most people want to be considered trendy by their guests. So it’s likely that your client wants their dining room to look modern even if they don’t have the words to describe this look. Ask them if they enjoy dynamic rooms with furniture that has clean, sharp lines. If they do, then show them examples of modern dining rooms to seal the deal.

Modern dining rooms can be understated to allow the focus of guests to remain on the meal and the conversations they have going on around them. Or they can be bold, starting these conversations themselves. Luxury modern furniture has silhouettes that are discreet with considered details that elevate the space no matter how ‘plain’ it may seem upon first glance. The majority of the modern pieces in our collection are made using combinations of materials to achieve a unique look. Whether this is a glass dining table with marble legs or a hardwood piece with steel accents, your client's food will always be displayed in an optimal way when they have a modern space filled with luxury pieces of dining room furniture.

It is easy to create a statement using modern seating by surrounding a simplistic table with bold modern dining chairs, but you can also use modern cabinets to invite visual interest into a standard room if you are designing a space that already has its staples. The modern style is inherently cool, and since it's ever-changing, your client is sure to love the scene you create for them.

The brand that produces the best modern luxury dining room furniture is Ralph Lauren. Each of its tables possesses an impeccable form that transcends timeless beauty thrusting the look of any room into the modern age through its seamless blending of materials. Its chairs are simple and chic enough to command the look of a room if paired with an understated table while still being gorgeous upon closer inspection to invite conversation into the room as soon as guests enter.



The final style we are covering in this guide is the traditional look. This is the second most popular style of dining room due to the nostalgia that it can conjure in the hearts and minds of your client's loved ones. We recommend this style to anyone furnishing a space that needs to act as a formal area for dinner parties with business associates. It is also the ideal style for a family with a period home that sees a lot of guests through the year as it can be dressed for the seasons with ease.

The style is intrinsically linked to rich wood textures and grand silhouettes, making shopping for luxury furniture a breeze. We recommend furniture by the brand Caracole, like the Cult Classic Dining Table from the Caracole Classic Collection, for traditionally styled rooms. This brand has several collections in various styles, but the Classic Collection is tailor-made for traditional spaces. This piece is grand, possessing an elegant beauty only accomplished by the luxury of its materials and the dedication of its craftsmen. While being aesthetically sound, it is also sized to accommodate even the largest occasions. It can be extended to 136 inches with the addition of two 20-inch leaves-so your client never has to cut down their guest list again.

If you are furnishing a larger traditionally styled space, then the formal air may call for the conventional dining room staples of a china cabinet and a buffet or sideboard. Luckily, the options are endless when you choose luxury.


What Furniture To Invest In For Your Dining Room


Furnishing any residence can be daunting for your client- especially if it is their first home. Since the process can become expensive, it is important that you tell them why buying luxury furniture is important if they want to have a space they genuinely enjoy spending time in. But if they can’t be convinced, then shift gears and try to guide them toward making sustainable luxury choices of essential pieces of dining room furniture.

These are the three pieces of high end dining room furniture we think you should get your client to consider, along with an explanation of why investing in each item is so important to create a luxury dining room.


Luxury Dining Tables

This is the most important item your client will buy for their space, and it is also one of the most expensive items they will buy for their home if they choose a luxury piece. But this investment is worth it as it can revolutionize the look of a room. Luxury dining tables are notoriously beautiful, with hardwood tables being littered with subtle, hand-carved details and glass pieces able to reflect the craftsmanship of those that put them together. Low-quality pieces do not have the same standardized look. This is because manufacturers often have to get them out to the public the same day they are manufactured, meaning there is little time to add intricate details as there would be no way to check if these details were of a good standard before they leave the warehouse.


Luxury Dining Chairs

If your client decides against purchasing a luxury dining table, then try to convince them to buy luxury dining chairs for their space. If they think that they should spend their money elsewhere, then remind them that dining chairs control their comfort within the space. If they choose a low-quality piece, then it will not have been made with the same care and attention to detail as a piece from a luxury brand would. Although an upholstered dining chair from a low-quality brand may look almost exactly the same as a luxury piece, they will be very different internally. In most cases, the knockoff will become damaged beyond repair in under a year, meaning your client will have wasted their money. So avoid these dangers and tell them to choose luxury when they are shopping.

We always suggest that you take the time to convince your client to buy extra chairs if the table you select for their space is extendable. If they don’t want to spend money on a luxury item that they won’t use every day, then explain to them that mismatched chairs will alter the luxury look of their space. It is vital that you retain this air, especially if they meet with business associates in their dining room.


Luxury Sideboards

While we think every type of furniture should be an investment piece when you are trying to create a luxury dining room, we know that is not always possible. And while your client may not think it is important to invest in a quality sideboard, we know that is not true.

The sideboard is often the only storage item in your client’s space, meaning it is usually crammed full of crockery and dishware within weeks of you leaving your client alone in their space. Low-quality sideboards are notorious for having shelves drop in their first year, damaging the items on these shelves, and destroying any plates your client may have been storing under them. This can be costly to replace, and if the broken items were antiques, then this could cause some real heartache for your client. To avoid this, convince them to invest in a quality piece. Well-made sideboards are made with dowel shelf attachments meaning that the risk of a shelf falling is almost zero. If your client values their belongings, then the decision shouldn’t be difficult

We hope that this guide helps you to create a luxury dining room for your clients home.

If you have read this guide and it has convinced you to fill your client's home with luxurious pieces of furniture, and you are looking for a furniture store that carries luxury dining room furniture, then look no further. We carry a huge collection of high-quality luxury dining room furniture in our inventory.

You can peruse our entire collection on our website. Each piece is categorized by brand, with detailed product descriptions included of every item we carry. Search by room or designer to find products individually or use the compare tool to evaluate two pieces to help you find the right piece for your client’s space. Shop the collection today!  If you're in the Miami area come by our furniture store today.