Designer Profile: Allison Paladino

Designer Profile: Allison Paladino

Allison Paladino is known for creating expressive residential interiors that embody transitional elegance. She has an enviable catalog of designs from her years in the industry and is one of the most impressive interior designers working today. How did Allison Paladino become such a household name? Keep reading to find out.




With her love for design being clear from a young age, it was always obvious that Allison Paladino would enter the creative industries and leave her mark. But no one could have envisioned how much she would have changed the industry. After completing her B.A in Interior Design, she knew that she needed to get some on the job experience to make it in this competitive field. So she spent four years studying under world-renowned designer Thomas Pheasant. During this time she became a vital member of the interior design team and worked on a number of high-profile projects. From here, she established her own design firm and the rest was history. She has been hailed as one of the freshest faces on the design scene today, having been featured on the pages of many influential magazines like the New Yorker and Forbes. A turning point in her career was her involvement in a BlackBerry ad campaign that featured young people from a range of industries, who they thought would rise to be prolific status in years to come. In the case of Allison Paladino, they were right.

Her designs have not stopped being recognized for what they are- innovative provocative pieces of art. She has been honored with multiple awards and was named ‘One of Americas Top 25 Young Designers’ in 2007. She is still pioneering modern interior design techniques today.



Paladino finds solace in her art. Her designs are heavily inspired by her travels and the things that she has experienced on them. The joy that she feels when she is creating can be felt in her designs. Whether it’s the rich structural details wound into her chairs or the blending of materials on her signature side tables, furniture designed by Allison Paladino always showcases the peak of transitional design techniques. She is also heavily inspired by her love of modernism- something that has clearly influenced her latest designs.




You could furnish your entire home with furniture designed by Allison Paladino. Her eye for color, graphics, and design potential is unparalleled. She has designed everything from pieces with natural tones to bring nature into your living room to pieces that embody the industrial yet sophisticated ambiance of mirrors framed by gold leaf. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it in her catalog.

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