Designer Profile: Jacques Garcia

Designer Profile: Jacques Garcia

Jacques Garcia is one of the most prolific names in designer cannon. He is the most sought after French interior designer in the world, taking on over four large scale projects each year in varying styles and locations. How did Garcia gain this mythic status? Keep reading to discover what shaped this man into the designer he is today.




Garcia had always shown a talent for interior design. From a young age, he found solace in creating models and drawing. At the age of eight, he took on his first major project- designing and furnishing his grandparents' home. As the years went by, his creativity grew, and his skills were nurtured at a school for interior design. After completing his education, he began working for contemporary architects and designed breathtaking hotel interiors. After years of hard work and dedication to his craft, he was awarded the title of Commander of the Order of the Arts and Letters and a Chevalier in the Order of the Legion D’honneur. Spurred on by this success, he is still designing new collections and working on major projects to this day.



With a career that has spanned three decades, his influences have changed over the years. But one thing that has always inspired Jacques Garcia is the architectural complexity and grandeur seen in the interiors of the past. Even the untrained eye can see that 18th and 19th Century French designs and the Art Deco movement have greatly influenced his work on high profile projects like the restoration of suites within the Palace of Versailles and the renovation of the Louvre.

However, ever the versatile designer Jacques Garcias also created a number of home furniture designs that have been brought to life through his partnership with Baker. These pieces are imbued with the same larger than life spirit as the pieces he chooses to furnish celebrity clients' homes. His home collection embodies a sense of warmth and luxury often missing from collaborations like this.




His designs represent simplicity in shape and color and challenge these ideals with sensual details. His collections embody extravagance in the everyday. His catalog features seats with exaggerated slopes that can be used in a living room’s conversation area, at a desk, and even as a dining room seating option. Each of the seats he designs is as versatile as the last, so no matter what type of atmosphere you are trying to create in your room, a seat from this collection will be the perfect addition to your home. He redesigns every style of the modern table to reflect design conventions of the past while incorporating modern innovations like the lazy susan to improve accessibility. Truly Jacques Garcia is one of the most innovative designers on the planet.

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