Furniture Collection Profile: Thomas Pheasant

Furniture Collection Profile: Thomas Pheasant

Elevate and transform your home with pieces from the Thomas Pheasant Furniture Collection. This internationally recognized furniture designer offers a variety of furnishings for the home with a focus on quality and luxury. From the bedroom to your living room and beyond, you’ll discover incredible furniture from this renowned collection. Look for chairs, tables, and accent pieces that will instantly elevate any space to a new level.

The Thomas Pheasant Style

Pieces from the Thomas Pheasant Furniture Collection focus on modern design along with luxurious elegance to create furniture that evokes a sense of calm. A blend of comfort and quality makes every item beautiful, but also highly functional for your busy lifestyle. Thomas is known for his focus on neutral color palettes which are elevated by creating signature designs that bring a bold touch to every piece. A beautiful blend of classic aesthetics with contemporary design allows these pieces to bring the elements of past and present together in a seamless fashion. This furniture focuses on unusual shapes and luxe fabrics to give your home a warm, inviting look and feel.

Thomas Pheasant Inspiration

Thomas has always been inspired by interior design. At the young age of 9, he redesigned his own bedroom by adding new décor and dying his bedspread to create a whole new look. He attended the University of Maryland with a focus on architecture and soon thereafter began focusing on interior design. He worked with fabrics at a young age, which inspired him to revamp the way traditional furniture was made. In the early 1970s, he purchased and renovated an old house and caught the attention of the local media where he was hailed as one of the newest and most radical designers of his time. Today, the Thomas Pheasant Furniture Collection showcases his influence of giving the concept of classic furniture designs a new, contemporary spin.

Key Thomas Pheasant Pieces

You’ll find a range of awe-inspiring items in the Thomas Pheasant Furniture collection, including the Diamond Lounge chair. With its roomy and comfortable silhouette, this chair brings the concept of a classic accent chair a modern touch with its angular, geometric design that mimics a faceted diamond. Another top piece from this collection is the incredible Athens Lounge Chair. This jaw-dropping chair features a sweeping silhouette and hand-tufted detailing on leather upholstery resting atop a lean, sturdy frame accented with custom cast bronze ribbed collars for a rich, luxe finishing touch. The Lunar Chest from Thomas Pheasant features a sturdy mahogany case and ten drawers elevated with sculptural solid brass hardware. From seating to storage pieces and tables, every product from this collection will give your home an air of refinement and sophistication like nothing else you'll find on the market today.

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