Luxury Furniture Brands

Luxury Furniture Brands

The furniture you choose for your client’s space defines their style, so you must select each piece of furniture with care, examining it for quality, craftsmanship, and character before you commit to a purchase. But when you have to go through this process for every piece of furniture you intend to buy for a home, this can be time-consuming.

Finding a quality luxury furniture brand that produces pieces for every room in the home can cut the length of time this process takes in half. But there are more luxury furniture brands on the market today than one can reasonably keep track of, making this task almost impossible.

At Décor House, our mission is to help our customers find home furnishings, decor, and accessories that will help them make their client’s dream interior a reality. We understand the importance of making the right decision when it comes to selecting furniture for your client’s home. That is why we offer furniture from such a vast selection of brands in hundreds of styles and fabrics that allow you to combine elements of color and comfort to get furniture that is perfect for your client and their family. We have spent the last 37 years refining the brands we offer to ensure that every piece in our collection reflects this mission. Whether you are looking for durable furniture for active children, a luxurious dining chair, or a living room set for family gatherings, you will find furniture by the brands you trust in styles that fit your personality.

We are using our industry knowledge to highlight the 12 luxury furniture brands. Today we explore each brand’s history, their signature style and highlight their most versatile product lines, so you can streamline your design endeavors and find furniture that meets the specific needs of your project with ease.

The quality of furniture can be calculated by summarizing the average durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a brand’s collections. The luxury furniture brands listed below have been handpicked by us as the best of the best. Each one with a long history of quality. Keep reading to learn more.




Alivar Furniture is the first brand on our list. Founded in 1984 in Tuscany, this brand produces contemporary furniture for every room in the home. Those who buy Italian appreciate the innate quality of Italian furniture and the value of purchasing high-quality refined furniture for the home. Each piece possesses a distinctive style, but thanks to the ingenious designers who work hard to curate their collections, there is a consistent theme among all pieces the brand produces, meaning that it couldn’t be easier to furnish your clients’ entire home with Alivar Furniture.

The people at Alivar are aware of evolving technologies and advances in architecture and design. They work with various materials choosing the perfect material on a project by project basis, taking the minutest of details into account to ensure that each of their products can stand the test of time. In doing this, the Alivar team showcases each material’s intrinsic qualities and sets high standards for their competitors.

We are highlighting Alivar today due to the effortless simplicity, comfort, and warmth of the pieces in our collection. Alivar Furniture possesses an understated personality. Any piece in our inventory can successfully set the tone of your room, thanks to the structural intricacy of the brand’s designs. Over the years, Alivar has gotten a reputation for presenting an integral vision. This has resulted in the ability to create interiors that appreciate the overarching approach to contemporary Italian living rather than individual aesthetics. If you are trying to create intimate, sophisticated, and inviting spaces, we recommend buying pieces from this brand.






This family-owned brand was founded in 1889 in the heart of North Carolina. Over the years, it has grown to become a global leader in furniture manufacturing, and it continues to define the furniture industry today. Now led by its fourth generation, the brand’s furniture is found in homes, offices, hotels, and universities worldwide, but since their catalog features quality furniture designs ranging in style from cottage and traditional to modern and contemporary, you don’t have to worry about your client feeling like their home is not a representation of their personal style when you shop for furniture from this brand.

The signature style of this brand is not easily defined; it is ever-evolving due to Bernhardt’s dedication to innovation. But we included it on this list due to the number of product lines that Bernhardt Furniture has released and the quality of each of the pieces in our collection.

The Bernhardt Interiors collection is a curated whole-home collection of eclectic, customizable, high-design furniture. It is reasonably priced for the quality of furniture your client will receive, and thanks to the collections focused neutral color palette, distinctly modern styling and, thoughtful detailing, any of the pieces from this collection can create an effortless air of sophistication in the home.