How to Identify McGuire Furniture

How to Identify McGuire Furniture

In a world where standardized, mass-production is commonplace, having furniture that is custom-made and high quality is becoming a unique luxury. 

At Décor House, we take pride in working with the best brands that create exclusive pieces, known for their longevity and timeless designs. The McGuire pieces in our collection of furniture are a great example of a brand we are proud of representing.

If you’re not familiar with this brand, we can’t wait to tell you all about it as we’re certain you’ll fall in love with it the same way we did the first time we saw its products. 

To begin, McGuire has certain elements in its production that most brands don’t care to have nowadays. So if you’re trying to figure out how to identify McGuire Furniture, a good way to do it is asking about the production process behind a certain piece. 

Essentially, McGuire Furniture is never mass-produced, as every single item is handmade by their team of specialized artisans. 

Treating furniture with the respect and admiration it deserves is a McGuire's motto. This is why their furniture is not just a functional home décor piece, it's also a work of art

Wondering if McGuire Furniture is right for you? We'll help you decide why McGuire could be the perfect fit for your home.


When Art Meets Functionality 


There’s something very special about finding out the history behind the foundation of any brand, as what it will essentially tell you is that, when love and belief come together, great things can happen. When thinking about how to identify McGuire furniture, go back in time in your search to find out more about its founders. In this case, we’ve done the research for you. John and Elinor McGuire, the two founders, are inspiring figures who are a clear justification of the continuous success this brand sees.

With a true love for everything that defines a California lifestyle, John and Elinor McGuire are great supporters of the casual luxury style. They believe furniture of great quality should be unpretentious and convey optimism while looking like a direct invitation to relax at home, which should always be a synonym of warmth and coziness. 

The legacy of these two founders is found in every detail they put into each piece they create due to their rooted belief that art and functionality go together, side by side.


True Luxury in Design


One of the aspects that will help you understand how to identify McGuire furniture is the design of this brand’s pieces. John and Elinor understand how valuable it is to blend natural materials with exquisite fabrics, textures, and details, as this creates an overall look of true sophistication. 

Having a piece from McGuire is having a unique designer piece made of beautiful lines and forms that look like no other. 


The Uniqueness of Handcrafted Design


The team of artisans that work at McGuire is one of the strongest assets of this brand. They’re responsible to create each piece from scratch, polishing its raw materials by hand and with such dedication that the end result is always impressive. The artisan’s work is a key component of all furniture that comes out of McGuire.

The Best Things in Life Take Time


 As any other custom-made furniture that is fully handcrafted, all pieces from McGuire take part in a long and detailed process, from conception to finish, to ensure the best quality control at all times. With this said, knowing how to identify McGuire furniture is knowing that the end product is clearly a result of long hours of work that couldn’t be shortened or rushed. 

In a nutshell, if you decide to go for a McGuire piece, you should expect a personalized service that accompanies you from start to finish to ensure you absolutely love the product you’ve envisioned. This process, however, takes time and isn't immediate.


A Timeless Piece with Impressive Durability

Handmade furniture has been changing its concept over the years. At first, it was the only type of furniture production in existent. Then it was left by the wayside in the golden era of mass-production, because faster, ready-to-purchase options were available at most furniture stores. And finally, as years went by and people started understanding that cheaper and immediate options aren’t always the best ones, handmade furniture gained new relevance. 

Today, having handmade furniture at home is a true sign of luxury, and while this is usually a pricier option, it’s rarely overpriced, because you pay for what you get. And what you get are timeless pieces with a durable design that withstand the test of time. 

In this sense, when buying McGuire Furniture, you’re choosing furniture that has a quality stamp on it because this brand uses only the greatest quality of materials and the most expert of artisans to build their pieces. 

Blending aesthetics with functionality is the motto of McGuire, and so what you’ll have in hands is a genuine product, handcrafted especially for you. Your home will be an enhanced space of good taste and elegance, while your wallet will thank you for years to come with the lack of maintenance your McGuire furniture will need. 

Buying handmade furniture instead of other less-priced options can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But we can guarantee you that, in a few years, when you look at your furniture and it seems as new as in the day you received it at home, you’ll thank yourself for having paid a bit more at first and way less in the long run. The durability of handmade furniture is unparalleled, especially the unique pieces made by McGuire.

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