Learn About High-End Design

Learn About High-End Design

Designing a space is time-consuming. We have put together this guide to high-end design to save you some time on your next project. Keep reading to learn everything we know about designing a home.


Trust All American Craftsmanship


When you choose to buy pieces that have a high-end design, you will likely buy a piece from an American company for your space. Our country has a rich history of craftsmanship; trained artisans from every corner work hard to make sure that the pieces they help to produce are something that they can be proud of. It is very rare to find an interior designer in the USA that doesn’t work closely with architects of the ancient arts like woodworking and blacksmithing. This allows them to fully understand the complexities behind furniture creation so they can choose furniture for their clients with confidence. American furniture is the backbone of our society and the economy. In buying luxury American-made furniture, you make sure that these jobs stay on US soil and that this way of life is not lost to time.


Where Do Interior Designers Find Furniture with a High-End Design?


If you are new to the world of interior design, then it can be intimidating to try and furnish an entire home with furniture that has a high-end design - especially if you do not know where your colleagues find their furniture. The general public does not have access to trade-only wholesalers, so you may not have heard of this method of shopping before. But you may want a more personalized shopping experience- one that they can curate with you. If this is the case for your situation, don’t worry. Many interior designers are finding some of their best items at places their clients would be able to shop too.

For example, there are hundreds of places to purchase luxury furniture and decor online (including our store), but finding a retailer you trust can be difficult. Instead of staring at a screen for hours looking at different places to start shopping, choose a store like ours. Our catalog is curated to make sure that we carry furniture that has a high-end design from almost every luxury brand, so you are sure to find just what you are looking for when you shop with us.

If you struggle to find pieces that you like, then change strategy and look up different brands to see which ones you are drawn to. Interior designers skip this step as they already know which brands will fit the look of the room they are furnishing. Once you have found a brand with furniture that speaks to you, you can visit their websites and find registered retailers (like us) that sell licensed versions of the brand's products. This will help you avoid fakes and make sure that the designers that create the pieces you love get paid for their work.


Luxury Brands


The best way to learn about high-end design is to shop by brand. We have highlighted five luxury brands, detailing their history and the types of furniture they sell so you know which one is the best fit for your project.


Ralph Lauren Home


The Ralph Lauren Corporation is a leader in furniture design. It is unique when compared to other luxury companies as it has created a distinctive image that is able to adapt to trends, expanding to include a number of products from several of its partnerships.

A prime example of the brand's distinctive design is its Modern Penthouse Pryce Bookcase. While other brands would develop the design by altering its classic forms, this piece is inspired by an English design from the 19th century. Ralph Lauren Home respects the past, but its designs look to the future in a way that the furniture of other brands simply does not. A stepped cornice extends beyond the three arched-glass-fronted doors and carved half-columns on the upper section of this bookcase to create a gorgeous silhouette. The tripartite bottom cabinet offsets this to create new visual intrigue within the piece. It features three inset panel doors, carved half-columns, and a stepped-and-molded base. Ralph Lauren also produces benches, cabinets, chairs, chaises, chests, and sofas in a variety of styles. Each one is able to complement the above-mentioned cabinet.


EJ Victor


The second brand that we wish to highlight in this guide is EJ Victor Furniture. This brand is recognized industry-wide for the exquisite quality of its furniture and the quality of the service they give their customers. Its location in North Carolina’s famous furniture heartland allows the brand to employ only the most devoted employees with know-how and commitment to building superior furniture. EJ Victor has twenty-five years of experience producing quality furniture, and in this time, it has become a best-in-class licensing partner to premier global lifestyle brands.

In 2020, EJ Victor launched an exciting collection in collaboration with ED Ellen DeGeneres. Each piece of furniture in this collaboration offers a comprehensive vision of style. This is the brand's most diverse collection, as it contains pieces with modern, traditional, and rustic design aesthetics. However, the focus of this collection is not solely its look. The goal is sustainability. The brand only uses reclaimed wood, performance fabrics (from nearby mills), and natural materials to produce this furniture.

The EJ Victor Korban Giorgio Coffee Table is a perfect amalgamation of this brand's ability to listen to its customer's needs and adapt to them. This piece is defined by its etched bronze detailing. Unlike other pieces by other brands in this price range, its steel solids do not make it look cheap and undesirable. Instead, it adds a sense of elegance that is almost unheard of. It is topped off by a Nero cappuccino stone top that is as durable as it is gorgeous.




The story of Baker Furniture is still evolving. It began as a humble cabinet shop, and now it serves customers all over the world, furnishing the homes of celebrities and politicians alike. The people at Baker have a rich tradition of handmade quality and craftsmanship, working side-by-side with impeccably trained artisans who have passed their trades down through the generations for more than a century. The incomparable quality of the brand's furniture allows them to nurture collaborative relationships with the most well-respected designers in the world. Its exquisite furniture is sure to stand the test of time.

We wanted to highlight a piece of Baker Furniture, but their collections are so well curated we had a hard time choosing just one. The Max series is one of the most popular series the brand produces. The look of the cushions in this collection combines with the depth and pitch to convey comfort. Visually each piece is slightly relaxed, so if you need to bring softness to the room, you need a piece from this collection. Most pieces are available in a variety of sizes. So if you need a piece to function as an element of interior architecture within a space or a piece to slip into a corner, Baker has you covered.




This brand got its start in a modest facility with two employees. Over the last 50 years is has continued to make high-end designer furniture. Putting itself at the forefront of the furniture industry. Its goal is to be the furniture industry's most customer-centric company, delivering unparalleled product, quality, and service to all of its customers




Caracole creates furniture that is filled with personality. Unlike many of its competitors, it is priced fairly. It uses unique materials to ensure that each piece on display in one of its showrooms is genuinely remarkable.

A piece by Caracole Furniture can be used in any room, as the designers believe that the home should not be limited by our imagination. This is how the brand got its distinctive look. They also include hidden electronic charging stations and innovative storage options so you can get the most out of their furniture at every moment of the day. The imagination of its furniture is present in everything- even its product names.

The Caracole Classic ‘A Precise Pattern’ End Table is a perfect example of this. Its urban architectural details bring to life a unique way of living. And this, combined with an elongated contemporary honeycomb motif suspended between four graceful saber metal legs – makes this unassuming piece a focal point within your space. This piece would pair very well with a comfortable sofa in traditional or modern settings.


Types of Luxury Furniture

While you may think that luxury furniture is not too different compared to its cheap knockoffs, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Think of it like you are shopping for clothes. There is a clear difference between fast fashion vs. high fashion. And knowing when to spend or splurge on furnishings is an important skill to have, especially if you need to stick to your budget.


But what should you invest in?


We asked our team, and they listed three items you should invest in when shopping for high-end furniture.


Luxury Dining Tables


The dining table carries the look of a room, and it is often said that modern dining tables are not too different from ones seen hundreds of years ago. The history of the dining table goes back to Ancient Greece, so its design has been nearly perfected over the years. Since dining tables are used every day, you shouldn’t buy a cheap piece that will scratch and tarnish easily. Avoid cheap furniture online and invest in a luxury dining table. You will get more use out of a piece that is of unquestionably higher quality than you would a cheap piece that cannot withstand daily usage.


Luxury Sectionals


Unlike a conventional sofa, luxury sectionals are composed of multiple independent pieces that can be arranged in multiple positions to accommodate various room types and lengths. Moving the individual pieces is easy, especially in comparison to a heavy single three or four-seater sofa. Most brands produce a range of sectionals to account for their rise in popularity. While they still aren’t as popular as the sofa, you will likely be able to find a wider variety of luxury sectionals than cheaply produced sectionals on the market. This is because luxury brands have more resources to put into hiring designers to create them, and since luxury brands produce high-quality furniture, a luxury sectional will last a lot longer than a piece that has not had the same care and attention put into its creation.


Luxury Sofas


A luxury sofa is an investment. It can become an heirloom if it is taken care of properly, becoming a defining feature in the home of your grandchildren. Aesthetically it has been deconstructed and reimagined hundreds of times, but structurally the look has remained. A luxury-grade sofa is an instant classic. It will never go out of fashion.

While it may be tempting to buy a cheap piece, this will only end up costing more money in the long run. Low-quality sofas will sag within the first year, and they may rip in the first five years- making your investment worthless.

We hope this guide to high-end design has taught you how to spot a high-end piece, which brands produce the best high-end furniture and why buying luxury pieces is important, so you have an easier time purchasing quality furniture for your home. With this newfound knowledge, you can focus your efforts on finding high-end furniture that can appeal to the individual you are working for.

If you are looking for furniture with a high-end design for your space, then look no further.

We carry a huge collection of high-quality luxury furniture from the brands we have mentioned above for you to peruse. Visit our website to see everything we currently have in stock in one place. If you need to find a specific piece for a unique project, then use the refine search tool to browse by material and find your ideal piece of furniture in only a few seconds.

We know that you need to find pieces that are perfect for your space, and to do that, you need to know everything there is to know about the items you are considering. That’s why you can find comprehensive product descriptions of every piece in our inventory. If you are in the Miami area, please feel free to stop by our luxury furniture store and see what we have to offer you.