Is Bernhardt Furniture High-End?

Is Bernhardt Furniture High-End?

As one of the best brands on the market for luxury furniture we can say yes, it is!


What are Bernhardt's Designer Options?


  • 1. Fabrics and Leather
  • 2. Wood and Nailhead finishes
  • 3. Exterior and Interior Options


How Is Bernhardt Furniture High-End?


First, the fancy living designs compliment any home space. Secondly, there is little to no upkeep which saves money in the long run. Lastly, Bernhardt Furniture offers a limited lifetime warranty for products in case a piece is ever damaged. They believe in the furniture they create, which is why customers give them a 5-star rating.

Bernhardt can take a simple cabinet for storage and transform it into something beautiful.

The Credenza Collection features a storage cabinet for the dining room. Made from oak with a geometric design on the front. This Bernhardt furniture for the dining room is a statement piece.


Bernhardt High-End Dining Tables:


The Bernhardt Rectangular Dining Table, with 5/8” clear shimmering glass with clipped corners and eased edges.

The base is white marble steel with a bright silver finish. This dining table is a unique design that can be bought for $3,064.60.

Another popular dining table is the Round Bernhardt Dining Table. At 48” this $1,640.10 dining table is a flashy piece.

A single pedestal with chrome bars and a glass top. This dining table promises low upkeep and a fine design.


Bernhardt Bedding:


Bernhardt Bedding Furniture turns a boring space into a modern design.

The Panel King-sized bed comes with a footboard and headboard.

With wood accents on the headboard and a smokey finish on the legs. You can buy this complete set for $3613.46.

What's included in the Bedroom Sets?


  • 1. Mattress and Boxsprings
  • 2. Slates and Sideboards
  • 3. Legs and Floor Protectors
  • 4. Headboard and Footboard Bohemian Bernhardt Living Room Furniture:

The Waverly Chair. This armchair has a wood frame in a rustic gray finish. With a woven seat in light gray. Bernhardt carries the most natural tones for any color scheme. This Bohemian-styled chair is a popular design.

The Sir Martin Sectional Sofa from Bernhardt is plain, but the quality can’t be beaten. Tan fabric and wooden legs. This sofa comes with 4 decorative pillows that the customer can customize themselves. Costing $13,125.00 this Bernhardt Sectional is all about quality.


Bernhardt Accents:


If you are looking for accent pieces, Bernhardt carries those too. Ranging from:

1. Vases

2. Bowls

3. Trays

4. Mirrors and More!

The Droplet Vase is gold and black with a mirrored reflection. It can add a modern style to your home. It currently costs $222.50.

The Mod Face Low Bowl is a white ceramic bowl with a face on the front. Someone that enjoys art would like this piece. It is $497.50 online and has over 250,000 views.

Bernhardt Furniture carries thousands of designs but here are a few popular ones.

What Styles Does Bernhardt Carry?


1. Bohemian

2. Contemporary

3. Rustic

4. Elegant

5. Luxury and more!


Online Shopping or In-Store?


At Décor House buying Bernhardt Furniture has never been easier. When you shop online they have a flat rate of $299 on all US shipping. The Bernhardt brand is always high-end, top quality.

When you shop in the store, it's easier to see the history behind Bernhardt. Four generations in the furniture business, it’s common sense to see why Bernhardt is admired and dependable by each customer.


So, Is Bernhardt Furniture High-End?


With everything this brand offers to its customers, we can't deny its high-end. Combining a selection of sophistication and casual furnishings, with streamlined designs and lifetime guarantees.


Bernhardt Furniture History:


This brand has been making furniture since 1889. You can still feel and see the quality of each product they make today.


Shop Decor House for the Bernhardt Collection:


At Décor House the high-end Bernhardt Furniture will give your home earthy colors with a splash of geometric designs.

Decor House believes the brands should reflect your style and have incredible options. Whether you are updating an already furnished room or changing outdated accents, Bernhardt is a great Furniture option.

You are buying high-end pieces that last when choosing Bernhardt. The Décor House's mission is to make sure the customers do not regret their purchase.

Your home will wonder why it took you so long. Bernhardt is where your expensive taste, meets design brilliance.