Why Buy Teak Outdoor Furniture

Why Buy Teak Outdoor Furniture

Whether you have been tasked with creating a space to entertain in during the summer months or a spot to help unwind alone in the evenings after a busy week at work, furnishing a home with teak outdoor furniture can be the perfect solution.

Our goal at Décor House is to make shopping for luxury furniture easy. We want to help you understand why teak outdoor furniture is the best furniture you can buy your outdoor space, so you can shop confidently and be informed about your purchases. That's why we have put together this buying guide with everything you need to know about teak outdoor furniture. Keep reading to learn why teak is the best material for outdoor furniture, its characteristics, and what brand uses the natural characteristics of these materials to their fullest in the furniture they produce.


What Are the Main Uses of Teak Wood?


Teak wood has been used around the world for centuries to make luxury hardwood furniture. Furnishing an outdoor space with teak patio furniture is a huge investment given the price of teak furniture since it is the benchmark by which other pieces of outdoor wooden furniture are judged due to its many fantastic qualities. But teak outdoor furniture is the benchmark by which other pieces of outdoor wooden furniture is judged by due to its many fantastic qualities.


Teak is usually used for furniture that will be:


  • Placed next to a pool.
  • Placed around the perimeter of a garden or patio.
  • Placed around the perimeter of a garden or patio.
  • Placed in areas with high humidity
  • Placed in an area that will see a lot of traffic.
  • Used often by young children.

But why is teak furniture so desirable for outdoor furniture?


Everything You Need to Know About Teak Furniture


We know that your job keeps you busy. So we have split the rest of this guide into sections to help you find out just what makes teak such a good material for outdoor furniture.


Teak Is Extremely Versatile:


The varying textures of teak wood give each piece of teak patio furniture a truly unique look. When teak is freshly cut, the wood has a warm brown color that we often hear being compared to honey. Many people find this look appealing which has led to a surge in the popularity of teak furniture. Over the years, this (along with other factors) has meant that almost everyone you know may have a piece of teak furniture in their home.

Teak is very easy to work with, making it extremely versatile for designers. It is just as easy to make a teak chair as it is to make a teak bed frame as once a craftsperson understands the material, they can adapt to the needs of the piece rather than having to compromise in places as they would with another material like plywood.

Outdoor tables, outdoor sofas, outdoor teak sectionals, bar stools, and sun lounges can all be made from teak. This means that you can find a huge collection of outdoor furniture from almost every brand, making it easy for you to furnish your client's outdoor space to match your vision.

For example, if your love formal dining areas, but you need an interior dining room to act as a casual space for family meals, you would have no trouble finding a strong, sturdy teak outdoor dining table to serve as the focal point of your outdoor space. But teak patio furniture is not always an indicator of formality. If you are furnishing an outdoor living space, you can create a calm atmosphere by purchasing teak chairs and complete the room by adding a couple of lovely coffee tables and end tables to provide all of your guests with a pleasant spot where they can set down drinks, plates, or any other items that they may need a break from carrying.

This means that if you are furnishing an area that is already partially furnished with teak outdoor furniture, you won't have to worry about not being able to find a piece to match it.


Teak is Weather and Pest Resistant:


Teak is the strongest and most durable hardwood on the planet. It has the ability to withstand exposure to all weather conditions without being damaged due to teak’s high natural oil content and its tight wood grain. What makes teak truly unique as a material is that it contains natural oils that deter water, preventing it from damaging, cracking, or snapping.

Teak is so durable that manufacturers even use it to make boats and sailing ships. If it's tough enough to withstand crashing ocean waves, you know that furniture made out of teak will definitely be able to handle the rigors of your client's outdoor living space no matter how bad the weather may get without its strength waning.

Teaks durability extends to all aspects of nature. Every piece of teak patio furniture we carry is invulnerable to wood-eating termites and rots thanks to the weather-protecting oils. These oils act as a natural insect repellant, making teak furniture ideal for use in the outdoors even if you plan to place it on grass and surround it with flowers and bushes.


Teak Needs Very Little Maintenance:


Since its natural properties protect teak from the weather and damage from insects, outdoor furniture made from teak needs very little maintenance to keep it looking its best. It requires no paint or polish, thanks to the wood’s high oil content.

Even if it is left uncovered outdoors for weeks, it will usually only need to be wiped using a damp cloth to help it regain its shine. If it is left exposed for a long period of time, then it will turn into a beautiful silver-grayish color. But it can be brought back to its natural warm brown color with a light sanding and a polish.

Moreover, since teak patio furniture never rusts as other wood furniture does when in contact with metal, you don’t need to limit your client's choice of accessories. They can have metal candlestick holders and lanterns on their new teak dining table.


Teak Is Extremely Durable:


Metal accessories aren’t the only thing that is safe on a piece made using teak wood. Any metal fixtures like screws and nails would not rust when encompassed by a piece of teak wood as they would when surrounded by a piece of oak or plywood. So it's very unlikely a piece of outdoor patio furniture would be damaged due to a metal component rusting.

Moreover, since most of the pieces of outdoor furniture made from teak wood in our collection do not have metal fittings (instead of being joined using dowels and wood glue for a more secure connection), this shouldn't ever be a worry.

Teak furniture is usually heirloom quality. So when you purchase a piece of outdoor furniture made from teak for your outdoor living space, you are spending money wisely. You can be assured that the piece you choose will last a very long time.


Finding the Best Teak Outdoor Furniture


If you have read the above information and you believe that teak patio furniture is what you need, do not just buy the first piece that you come across.

While almost every piece of teak furniture is a beautiful piece of work, quality control between brands varies dramatically, meaning some of the teak items available to you will not be of a good standard. This means you may end up with a poor quality piece if you do not know what to look for.

Stay away from pieces that have been patched using timber putty to fill in the gaps and hide whatever is under it. Instead, look for pieces with strong joints that have been stabilized with wood glue. Or, even better, look for items that are joined with dowels that are also made using teak wood. This will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your teak table for years after it first arrives in their home.

When you are shopping for a piece of furniture for an outdoor living space, you should prioritize finding pieces that exist within the design of the room rather than looking for pieces that will become outliers as trends change. A teak dining table can become a staple, so avoid pieces that are complicated in their form and refocus your search to include simple pieces. This advice also applies to chairs, tables, and storage items. But accent pieces are easier to swap out than a larger piece if your client were to get bored.

Our general advice is to look for teak furniture that is classic and subdued in its look. Have an honest conversation about what you are looking for and what styles of furniture you have liked in the past. From here, you can determine if they are a trend chaser and therefore would benefit from a traditionally styled piece that they can dress up and down or if your tastes rarely change so you can find something more unique.

Once you have had this conversation, you will be able to find the best furniture for your outdoor living space.

TIP: Avoid items that look similar to the furniture inside your home. If you purchase furniture for your outdoor living space in a similar style, then it will look like it was originally from inside your home, and it has been taken from a room to be used outside. Instead, look for pieces in a comfortable style and size that are less modern and more traditional.


Finding the Right Brand to Buy From


The last thing we wanted to cover in this guide is brands. While all of the outdoor furniture brands we carry produce quality furniture. We wanted to highlight one today as its teak outdoor furniture is revolutionary.

Gloster furniture has been making luxury outdoor furniture for over 50 years. The brand prioritizes quality in all aspects of production. Originally an African brand, the company relocated its base from Africa to Indonesia so that they could have access to teak plantations and elevate the look of its furniture to a new level. The people at the brand recognized that the qualities of teak wood make it an ideal choice for the outdoors. This is why they utilize it to make some of the best high-quality designer garden furniture available today.

The exquisite teak craftsmanship has been present since the brand's creation. They produce teak furniture perfect for your client's outdoor living space that is golden-brown in color and close-grained. This means that Gloster furniture is as hardwearing and robust as it is beautiful. Today Gloster furniture produces a variety of luxury outdoor furniture, and its catalog is still expanding. We recommend furniture by this brand to anyone furnishing an outdoor living space. Browse our collection of stylish outdoor lounge furniture today.

We hope that this guide helps you understand why you should buy teak outdoor furniture.

If you have read until this point and you are still not convinced that this type of furniture is right for you, then visit us in-store today. A member of our talented sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have so you can be confident in your decision to furnish your home with teak outdoor furniture.

We carry a huge collection of high-quality luxury teak patio furniture in our inventory, so the team can show you examples in-store. Or you can peruse our entire collection of teak furniture on our website. Each piece is categorized by brand (Including pieces by Gloster furniture), with detailed product descriptions included of every item we carry. You can search by room or brand to find products individually or use the compare tool to evaluate two pieces of teak outdoor furniture to help you find the right item for the specific space you are furnishing.

Shop the collection of teak outdoor furniture today!  If you’re in the Miami area, come by our luxury furniture store today.