Utilize Century for Your Next Living Room Project

Utilize Century for Your Next Living Room Project

The living room you design for your client should be visually captivating yet exceedingly livable, and we know striking this balance can be difficult. Here at Décor House, we want to give back to our customers. in addition to being one of the top Miami luxury furniture stores, we also offer an array of design services ranging from personal interior design and home staging to commercial design and luxury furniture leasing. Our furniture and designs have been featured in Architectural Digest as well as many other well-known publications. So let us help you design the living room of your client's dreams.

Today, we are highlighting four pieces that you can utilize Century for your next living room project. Century Furniture is known for providing finely crafted luxury furniture with impeccable design and quality and legendary service to its customers. Although it is now a third-generation family-owned company, the people at Century still strive to treat every one of their customers like family, meaning no detail is overlooked, and every measure is taken to ensure that every piece of Century Furniture that leaves the factory meets the Century standard of excellence.

Keep reading to discover four pieces of Century Furniture from our collection that we think reflects the quality the brand is known for and will inspire you to create a living room that your client will fall in love with.


Choose Comfort. Choose the Palladium Sofa

The sofa is the most important piece of furniture you will select for your client's living room. As the largest piece of furniture in the room, it will draw the eye of guests to it from the moment they enter. Because of this, in most cases, choosing a piece that reflects who your client is and what they love is important. But sometimes, selecting an understated neutral piece is the best thing you can do for a space. Neutral sofas are easy to decorate around and can easily keep up with your style as it changes over the years. Moreover, neutral sofas can quietly complement the other pieces of furniture and décor you choose for the space but still be stylish and attractive, able to stand alone as a statement piece if necessary. Nowhere is this clearer than in Century’s subtle Palladium Sofa. The smooth, cool coloring of the upholstery means that this piece is able to comfortably slip into any type of interior or be used as a statement piece amid darker pieces.

The Palladium Sofa is the perfect piece for clients who want their room to radiate a sense of comfort. Traditional in shape with a classic form, this three cushion sofa can seat a couple, or the entire family with ease, leaving room for your client’s dog or cat to join in with the group hug.


Fashion Forward, Meet the Autumn Chair

Finding a high-quality living room chair that both compliments your chosen sofa and stands apart as its own interesting piece can be difficult. Despite being from a different collection, Century Furniture’s Autumn Chair is strikingly similar to the above Palladium Sofa. Both have the same plush custom-tailored cushions and soft light coloring, but this piece’s visible framing takes the piece to the next level. The frames on this piece are hand-carved by highly skilled artisans in a time-honored tradition that Century upholds to this day that has become rare in furniture manufacturing today.

We know that the little things matter when you are furnishing a home. That is why we selected this piece. The exposed wood frame is available in more than 50 distinctive finishes, meaning that you can match the hue of the frame to your clients' existing furniture- or the furniture you have chosen for them, to create a cohesive color story through their home with ease.


The Aero Ottoman Proves That Accent Pieces Aren't Boring

We know that providing ample seating space will be your number one priority when you are furnishing your client's living room. Utilize Century Furniture’s Aero Ottoman to add extra seating space to the living room without compromising on style. This piece continues the neutral look that you have established in the room thus far. However, since it is in a different type of fabric than the above-mentioned piece, you would be reintroducing texture into the space without needing to layer blankets and pillows on the sofa and armchair, covering their beautiful stitching.

The lavish pillowing of the ottomans cushion means that the piece is comfortable enough to be used as a footrest and for guests to sit on for long periods of time when your client is entertaining. Moreover, thanks to its size, the piece can slip under a bench or tall coffee table when not in use to give your clients maximum use of their floor space. You would be amiss if you didn’t select this piece for your client’s living room.


Complete the Look with the Nob Hill Bookcase

The bookcase is one of the most necessary yet underutilized pieces of furniture in the modern home. It is capable of changing the atmosphere you have created in your client’s room entirely, adding height to the space while injecting personality into the room through the selection of books that it carries. Sometimes a coffee table book just isn’t enough to get that point across.

The Nob Hill Bookcase will help you achieve the neutral minimalist aesthetic of your client’s dreams. Four shelves are framed by a sleek metal crossing frame that draws the eye up to its closed top. For increased stability, all of these shelves are bolted to the frame meaning your client doesn’t have to worry about a piece of décor being damaged by a shelf collapsing.

We hope this guide has encouraged you to utilize Century Furniture for your next living room project.

If you are looking for a luxury furniture store that carries a large collection of Century Furniture, look no further. You’ll find our entire collection of Century Furniture on our website, along with detailed product descriptions about every piece the brand has made.