Utilize Vanguard for Your Next Bedroom Project

Utilize Vanguard for Your Next Bedroom Project

If you are looking for dependable, well-priced furniture with which to furnish your client's home, look no further. Here at Décor House, we understand that the furniture you purchase for your client's home will be with them long after you leave their service, so it is important to invest their money in pieces that are durable enough to last for years with the right care.

Today, we are listing four pieces to utilize Vanguard for your next bedroom project  to elevate the look of your client's bedroom. The bedroom is the most important space in your client’s home, so this is where you need to focus your creativity when choosing furniture and select pieces from a brand that understands what you need. This brand is the industry leader in fashionable furniture, dedicated to enriching their customers' lives through quality furniture. Vanguard offers furniture in a range of styles from classical to modern, traditional to eclectic, all built for the life your client lives day by day. This is because their mission is to be the most customer-centric furniture company out there, and they plan to accomplish this by having the most diverse catalog in the industry.

Keep reading to discover four pieces of Vanguard Furniture for the bedroom from our collection that we know will inspire you to create the bedroom of your client's dreams.


Anchor the Space with the Kelsey King Bed

The first piece of furniture you need to choose for your client’s bedroom is the bed. It is the place your client will crave at the end of a long day at work- an oasis of comfort and relaxation that will keep them snug and warm through the night. If you choose a piece that doesn’t meet the aesthetic needs of the room you are furnishing, then the space will feel incomplete, and your client will struggle to truly relax.

The Kelsey King Bed exudes elegance in its design. The height of this piece's indomitable headboard means that it will anchor itself visually to the space naturally without the need to use extra pillows on the bed or hang photos on the wall to achieve this effect. Moreover, since the plush upholstered headboard features cushioned bolstered detailing, it will give your client proper spinal support when resting against it while maintaining the vitality of the bed’s aesthetics through the contrast in its shape with the clean lines of the bed frame. This frame is also lined with upholstery in the same tone and texture to ensure your client can be as comfortable as possible when climbing into bed and make sure that such a vital piece of furniture is not visually overpowering given its importance to the room. But although the upholstered section of this bed all shares the same coloring, the platform stand, and exposed wood legs elevate the piece and brings visual interest to the room you are creating for your client.


Elevate the Space with the Wave Drawer Chest

We know that incorporating storage into a bedroom naturally can often be the most difficult part of furnishing a bedroom. But giving your client plenty of storage space is vital if you are trying to create a relaxing environment. We have selected Vanguard’s Wave Drawer Chest to highlight in this case because it is the perfect size to slip between the wall and bed to act as a makeshift nightstand and chest combo in smaller rooms while still providing ample storage space for your client’s clothes and nighttime essentials. The lack of pulls or handles on the drawer fronts elevates the piece's minimalist look and serves to emphasize the décor you or your client choose to lay on its tabletop.

Although it is from another collection entirely, aesthetically, the piece would blend beautifully with the above mentioned Kelsey King Bed due to its sharp white coloring and glacier finish. The patterning on the drawer fronts contrast this clean-cut structure, yet they are not vibrant enough to stand out and take away impact from a statement curtain or rug. No, this is a piece built to elevate a room.


Tie It All Together with the Carter Shagreen Bench

Vanguard makes furniture for the home, they understand that everyone’s tastes are different, and thanks to the inventiveness of their design team, you can find a number of pieces from different collections that can blend together seamlessly to create beautiful scenes. The Carter Shagreen Bench is one of these pieces. Its plush cushioned seat is reminiscent of the Kelsey King Bed with its tufting and masterful stitch work, and the coloring of the pieces engages well with the hue of the Wave Drawer Chest. Still, this piece brings its own merit to the room. The framing and shading on the brick patterning give the piece character and bring balance and contrast to the space you are creating aesthetically.


Add the Designer Touch with the Arteriors Dosman Lamp

Choosing the right lighting for the bedroom is paramount. This piece is a showcase of design. The clean lines and a faceted facade that tapers the lamp’s body falls into a classic obelisk shape drawing the eye of whoever enters the room, whether it is off or on. The piece is topped with an ivory microfiber drum shade with white cotton lining to light the room as effectively as possible without sacrificing on style. Its snow marble coloring is offset by antique steel brass breaks that accent its sleek foundation and complement the style we have curated utilizing Vanguard Furniture.

We hope this guide has encouraged you to utilize Vanguard Furniture for your next living room project.

If you are looking for a luxury furniture store that carries a large collection of Vanguard Furniture, look no further. You’ll find our entire collection of Vanguard Furniture on our website, along with detailed product descriptions about every piece the brand has made.