Why North Carolina Made Furniture Is So Great

Why North Carolina Made Furniture Is So Great

When it comes to quality furniture, you may be surprised to learn that North Carolina made furniture is some of the best in the world. This unique part of the country is known as one of the largest hubs of furniture manufacturing in the United States and the world. The state got its start as a pioneer in furniture making in the 1890s when it was as a host to just six furniture plants. Today, North Carolina is home to a variety of brands and manufacturers that have made cities like Hickory and Hight Point the home of American made furniture.


What Makes North Carolina Furniture Unique?


North Carolina made furniture got its start because of its close proximity to the Appalachian Forest, which made it easy for furniture makers to harvest the hardwood they needed. Those nearby supplies helped to keep costs down and allowed furniture makers to enjoy quick, easy access to wood and other materials. Over time, more furniture designers, makers, and brands began calling North Carolina home. Eventually, North Carolina was known as the furniture capital of America, and it has kept that title for over 100 years. Local colleges offer classes in furniture making and design, and many famous brands prefer to call the state their home thanks to the vast pool of talent that lives in the area.

In addition to its rich history in furniture manufacturing, every item is made in America from start to finish. When you purchase American-made furniture, you know you’re getting high-quality pieces that are made to last. While the demand for products imported from China has increased in recent years, North Carolina is making a comeback once again. People recognize the need to purchase furniture that’s made in America thanks to regulations that keep products safe as well as a focus on eco-friendly manufacturing processes. A combination of talent, skill, and quality is what helps to make furniture from North Carolina so unique.


High Point and the Furniture Industry


High Point, North Carolina is famous for its furniture making roots. This beautiful part of the state is home to over 12 million square feet of furniture showrooms! Every year, thousands of people flock to High Point to visit the High Point Furniture Market. This twice-yearly event features the largest furniture trade show in the world, and it also gives the state a chance to showcase the history of North Carolina made furniture. Some of the most famous furniture brands in the world come from this part of the state including Baker Furniture. This luxury brand is known for its incredible collection of furnishings ranging from classic to modern designs. Whether you need a new chair, sofa, bed, or table, you’ll love the quality and unique characteristics of furniture made in North Carolina.

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